The Carnivorous Plant FAQ v. 12

Q: Sleazy cheapy animation!

A:I made this bit of nastiness to demonstrate just how cheesy my attempts at animation are. I wish Ed Wood could see it. He'd have a thing or two to say!

SEE the dread Drosera rotundifolia!
IMMOBILIZATION affects innocent insects!
THRILL at the arthropod's terrible fate!
DIABOLICAL Drosera suffocates all!
TREMBLE upon watching the LOVECRAFTIAN glandular tentacles sweep upon the unaware!
IT COULD HAPPEN to you or your loved ones!!!


YUCKY Utricularia devours hapless aquatic adversaries!
WANDERING water-creatures meet their DOOM!
TERRIFYINGLY presented from two perspectives!
DO NOT watch this alone!


DISGUSTING Drosophyllum is a DEATH dealer!
SUFFOCATION BY MUCOUS befalls trusting insects!
I was a TEENAGE Drosophyllum!
MEDICAL STAFF will be on hand for this viewing!


The Venus flytrap spares NONE!
SHIVER at the horrors that strike from the shadows!
How can such MONSTERS be!?
PERIL lies in wait for our children!
BANNED in over 50 USA states!
PROHIBITED in 600 countries!
You WILL believe!


Now, what everyone has asked me for---a new level of realism in my horror-vision. A real-life snuff film! Eegads! What will the federal officials say if they ever found out about this bit!


Page citations: Lovecraft, H.P. 1984.

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Revised: 2018
©Barry Rice, 2018