The Carnivorous Plant FAQ v. 12

Q: Why isn't my Venus flytrap red like in the photos?

Red traps
A: Photographs of Venus flytraps often show plants with vividly colored, crimson or scarlet traps. Plants cultivated by beginners usually do not have this amazing coloration. Why?

The traps of Venus flytraps only turn that intense color if they are getting plenty of bright light. With less than bright light, they revert to a light green color, perhaps with only a smattering of red on the lobes.

Some varieties of Venus flytraps have been selected by horticulturists because they are naturally deeply colored. In addition to having red traps, the entire plants are deep red. Noteworthy examples are Dionaea 'Red Dragon', D. 'Red Piranha', and D. 'Colin's Red Sunset.'

There are other pretty flytrap cultivars, though, that do not have the deep red coloration. For example, Dionaea 'Justina Davis' has no red coloration at all, and has a a lime-green sort of appearance.

Page citations: Rice, B.A. 2006a; personal observation.

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