The Carnivorous Plant FAQ v. 12

Q: Should a plant bought in winter be forced into dormancy?


A: Probably not. But I'm not sure.

It is difficult to know what season a newly bought plant may "think" it is. It is very likely that the plant was grown in tissue culture, and has spent most of its little life in glass jars and dishes in a setting that looks more like a laboratory than a greenhouse. Who knows whether such a plant is getting ready for dormancy?

As a grower, your best approach with the plant is to just grow it as best as you can, and to not try to force it into dormancy. If the plant wants to enter dormancy it will tell you---it will stop producing leaves, and it will just sit there. In this case, follow the dormancy guidelines. On the other hand, if it keeps on growing, enjoy the plant regardless of whether it is snowing outside!

If you do not kill the plant by cultivation errors, eventually the plant will synch up to the seasons naturally. Do not fret too much about the transitional time.

Page citations: Personal observation.

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Revised: 2018
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