The Carnivorous Plant FAQ v. 12

Q: What can I grow on my windowsill?

D. capensis x aliciae
Drosera capensis
× aliciae

Byblis liniflora
Byblis liniflora

Pinguicula moranensis
Pinguicula moranensis
A: Lots of things, but I doubt any of them are carnivorous plants. Here is the cruel truth: carnivorous plants are not easy to grow. If you buy a plant and put it on your windowsill, it will probably die.

But you are willing to try anyway, aren't you. Fine---try it! The worst that will happen is that a delicate, beautiful life-form will wither and perish merely because you have a meddlesome curiosity. (And you wonder how it can be that we live on a mad planet with transgenic organisms and "smart bombs"!)

You will have the highest probability of success growing windowsill carnivorous plants if you observe the following guidelines:

Page citations: Rice, B.A. 2006a.

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Revised: 2018
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