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Q: People trade them? How do I get in on the action?

Pinguicula primuliflora

Judith Hindle
'Judith Hindle'

A: After carnivorous plant growers buy their first dozen or so plants, they start supplementing their retail purchases by trading. This is a very nice aspect of the hobby. You meet people through the internet carnivorous plant discussion list or internet forums, or through the carnivorous plant societies. You develop a network of other growers around the globe with whom you trade seeds, plants, and other propagules.

Even old hands in the hobby, with whom you have little or no trading leverage, may be willing to sell you some things. Be sure to offer a few dollars to cover postage and maybe a cup of coffee.

The best enthusiasts tend to be very nice and sociable. If you read a cultivation article in a carnivorous plant journal and the author includes an address, by all means write him or her. That person will be happy to hear from you and you may develop a trading relationship. When I was more active as a grower/trader, I would write to people (who I had not previously met) if their addresses were published in carnivorous plant directories (occasionally provided by the carnivorous plant societies you join).

Don't be shy! Say hello!

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