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Q: Brocchinia: range and conservation status

Brocchinia reducta
B. reducta
A: Brocchinia hechtioides and Brocchinia reducta are restricted to South America, on and near the tepuis of the Guiana highlands. Essentially, we're talking about Heliamphora territory, at the intersections of Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, and Guyana.

Not having been to this area, I can only summarize the reports of others. Apparently there are highland populations at 1800-2800 meters elevation (on the tepuis), and also lowland populations (the Gran Sabana) at 800-1500 meters elevation. The two populations differ in appearance (the lowland plants are smaller), but it is unclear if these differences are genetic or environmental.

The two species are hard to distinguish in the wild, so there is no reliable information regarding range differences between the two.

The conservation status of both lowland and highland populations of these plants, at present, appears secure. The lowlands are of little economic value so are unlikely to be cleared by human activity. The highland areas are in areas with supposed protected status. Illegal visitation and poaching is probably having, at most, minor impacts. The effects of global climate change could result in changes in rainfall patterns, but this is purely a speculation on my part. There are no reports of invasive species threats.

Page citations: McPherson, S. 2006; Rice, B.A. 2006a; personal observations.

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