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Q: Pinguicula subgenera and sections

A: The new treatments in 2016 (Lampard et al. (2016), Roccia et al. (2016)) really changed things around in terms of species, but did not provide guidance on subgenera and sections. So when I rewrote the FAQ in early 2018 I continued to use the old framework that I have used for some time. It is given below, with the title "Old Framework."

Fleischmann & Roccia (2018) gave a new framework that I'm adopting, but if you're reading this text, that means I have not yet full incorporated it into my FAQ. These things take time.

On each of the pages that follow, I will have a small section called "Changes from 2016-2018", and those will discuss some of the consequences of the new treatments of the genus, on the genus.

New Framework

Old Framework

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Revised: 2018
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