The Carnivorous Plant FAQ v. 12

Q: The big Pinguicula checklist

A: If you just want to see lists of the species, without repeated entries, here is a list for the genus. I include subspecies here, but for varietal or forms, refer to the species treatments. Entries in parentheses were recently widely recognized, but were eliminated by the treatments of Lampard et al. (2016) and Roccia et al. (2016).

1Published after, and not included in, Lampard et al. (2016) and Roccia et al. (2016).

Page citations: Ansaldi, M., and Casper, J. 2009; Casper, J. 1966, 2007; Halda, J.J. et al. 2007; Lampard, S. et al. 2016; Panfet-Valdés & Temple 2008; Rice, B. 2006a, 2011c; Roccia, A. et al. 2016; Schlauer, J. 2002; Shimai, H. & Kondo, K. 2007.

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Revised: 2018
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