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Utricularia section Minutae
Species Range Habit1
U. simmonsii Australia T

Q: About Utricularia subgenus Bivalvaria section Minutae

A: Section Minutae consists of a single species, at least so far, and is perhaps one of the tiniest species in the genus. In his original description, Lowrie placed this in subgenus Utricularia, but molecular work suggests it should be here, in subgenus Bivalvaria. Meanwhile, Fleischmann (2015) prefers to merge this into section Enskide.

Utricularia simmonsii
This plant is known from only a few locations in the extreme northern tip of Cape York and also Darwin. However, these two sites are far apart so it is likely that this little species occurs at a number of other sites, and has simply been overlooked. In fact, there is probably a whole raft of species that have not been detected!

This species is very much like plants in section Enskide, but differs by the nature of its seed surface, which in this species is much like a fingerprint. On the other hand, there are vegetative characters that make this plant look similar to plants in section Pleiochasia, in a different subgenus. Quite odd.

Page citations: Fleischmann, A. 2015; Rice, B.A. 2006a; Lowrie, et al. 2008; Reut, M.S., and Jobson, R.W. 2010; Taylor, P. 1989.

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