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Utricularia section Oliveria
Species Range Habit1
U. appendiculata tropical Africa, Madagascar T

Q: About Utricularia subgenus Utricularia section Oliveria

A: This is another somewhat strange, lonely section with but one species, a species I have neither grown nor seen.

Utricularia appendiculata
The only species in this section, its biggest claim to fame is that it has a curious twining nature to its inflorescences. This in itself is not so remarkable, as about 20 other species of Utricularia have twining inflorescences. What is odd about U. appendiculata is that it twines to the left. In other words, viewed from above it twines in a clockwise direction---all other Utricularia twine in a counterclockwise direction. I think that is interesting, even if you might not.

Page citations: Rice, B.A. 2006a; Taylor, P. 1989; personal observations.

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