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Ivo's Book List

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#                              19.01.2007                                   #
# This is a list of books (and other media) on carnivorous plants which     #
# I have either seen or heard about.                                        #
# All books are in English and their prices in US dollars unless indicated  #
# otherwise. Note these prices are the prices at the time of publication!   #
# Some of the entries have not their description completed because I have   #
# not found all the necessary information.                                  #
# Some articles which seem to be very important/nice are also included.     #
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# I wish to express my thanks to all who helped me with this list.          #
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Aaseng, Nathan: "Meat-Eating Plants". Series: Weird and wacky science;
     Enslow, Springfield, N.J., 1996. ISBN 0894906178, hardcover, USD 16.95.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 48 pp., ?. Review from The Horn Book, Inc.:
   "Plants that eat animals may seem like freaks of nature, but one of the
   strengths of this book is that it explains how environmental conditions and
   competition for resources may have led these plants to evolve. The text and
   B&W and color photographs highlight the amazing diversity of carnivorous
   plants. Comments on the possibility of plants' devouring humans are
   sensationalized." Includes references, glossary and index.

Adler ?: "Insects and Plants". Harpercrest, ?, 1962. ISBN: 0381999661, ?.
   Descr.: ?

Ainsworth, John and Jean: "Sarracenia". The National Council for the
     Conservation of Plants and Gardens, UK, 1996. ISBN 0951862332, soft
     cover, L4.95 + postage.
   Descr.: 56 pp., 5 B&W and 9 color drawings, 27 color photos + 2 on the
   cover, 1 map. Descriptions and cultural instructions for all the species
   of Sarracenia and a selection of the hybrids. From the contents: Intro +
   History; Habitat; Plant structure; Cultivation; The Growth Cycle;
   Propagation; The Species (18 p.); Some hybrids (14 p. of plates);
   a short bibliography.

Aleksandrova, Vera Danilovna: "Rastenya - Khishniki" (Plants - Predators).
     Leningrad, Detgiz, 1955. ISBN ?, paperback.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, in Russian, 52 pp., 38 drawings + 3 small
   maps. For children not knowing anything on CPs, text has a format of tales
   or short stories, no whole scientific names, no information on cultivation,
   no references. Not worth reading.

Aragon y Escacena, Frederico: "Las Plantas Carnivoras" (The carnivorous plants).
     Red Comercial del Noroeste, Leon, Spain, 1962. No ISBN?, ? cover.
   Descr.: in Spanish, 64 pp., ? drawings.

Arx, Bertrand von; Schlauer, Jan and Groves, Madeleine: "CITES carnivorous plants 
     checklist". Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England, 2001. ISBN ???, paperback, ???.
   Descr.: 93 pp., 
   This checklist incorporates the largest collection of published names for Dionaea,
   Nepenthes and Sarracenia, the three carnivorous plant genera included in the CITES 

Asseray, Phillippe: "Les plantes carnivores" (Carnivorous plants). Series:
     Mon jardin et Ma maison; Hachette Filipacchi, Paris, 2005. ISBN ??,
     ???, EUR 5.50.
   Descr.: in French, 64 pp., ???

Baffray, Michel; Brice, Francoise and Danton, Philippe: "Les Plantes Carnivores
     de France" (Carnivorous Plants of France). Editions Sequences, 16140
     Aigre, 1985. ISBN 20902901370, hardcover, FRF 87.
   Descr.: in French, 134 pp. Exceptionally good line drawings. Deals with
   French CPs, no horticultural info though.

Baffray, Michel; Brice, Francoise and Danton, Philippe and Tournier, Jean-Paul:
     "Nature et Culture des Plantes Carnivores" (Nature and Culture of
     Carnivorous Plants). Editions Edisud, La Calade, RN 7, Aix-en-Provence,
     C.-Y. Chaudereille, 1989. ISBN 2857444168, hardcover, cca FRF 150.
   Descr.: in French, 177 pp., 83 colour photos, 15 coloured drawings and
   about 55 line drawings. Glossary, useful addresses, bibliography.
   A good general book despite the fact that cultural info is only outlined.

Baffray, Michel; Brice, Francoise and Danton, Philippe: "Les Plantes Carnivores:
     des pieges au detour de l'image" (Carnivorous plants: traps in images).
     Editions Nathan, Paris, 1992. ISBN 2092901370, hardcover, FRF 350.
   Descr.: in French, 164 pp., 86 beautiful photos. This book deals with
   different approaches of carnivority: popular, scientific, and artistic.
   There are a lot of marvelous pictures and 59 reproductions of old
   drawings. It explains how the scientists discovered carnivority, how there
   discoveries were understood by people. An extended bibliography (back to
   the 15th century).

Barthlott, Wilhelm; Porembski, Stefan and Seine, Ruediger: "Karnivoren. Biologie 
     und Kultur Fleischfressender Pflanzen" (Carnivores. Biology and cultivation
     of carnivorous plants). Eugen Ulmer, Germany, 2004. ISBN 3800141442, 
     hardcover, EUR 49.90. Also in English: Carnivorous plants - Biology and 
     Cultivation; Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, 2007. ISBN 9780881927924, 
     hardcover ?, ???.
   Descr.: in German, 224 pp. ???
   English translation to be published in 2007.

Bastian, Annette: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen" (Carnivorous Plants). Eccomedia,
     Germany. ISBN 3936782067, paperback, EUR 7.90.
   Descr.: in German, 64 pp. ???  
Batten, Mary: "Hungry Plants". Series: Road to Reading, Mile 4; Golden Books 
     Publications, 2000. ISBN 0307464016, hardcover, USD 10.99 or ISBN 0307264017, 
     paperback, USD 3.99.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 48 pp., no photographs.  Review CPN 29(4), 2000, 
   p.125 by Barry Rice: "The artwork inside (no photographs) is colorful 
   and interesting."

Bentley, Linna: "Plants That Eat Animals". Series: A Bodley Head natural
     science picture book; Bodley Head, London, 1967, no ISBN ?, ? cover, ?
     or Series: A McGraw-Hill natural science picture book; McGraw-Hill
     Book Co., NY, 1968, ISBN 0070048177, ? cover, USD 3.50.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 31+1 pp., B&W/color drawings. Skimpy text,
   no information on cultivation. A survey of the four types of CPs -
   sticky surface, pitcher plants, snare traps and suction traps -
   describing how they ensnare and digest prey. See also CPN 19(1&2),
   1990, p.32-40.

Blondeau, Gérard: "Le Grand Livre des plantes carnivores" (The great book of
     carnivorous plants). Series: Vie Quotidienne; De Vecchi, Paris, 2006.
     ISBN 2732888575, ?, EUR 20.00.
   Descr.: in French, 151 pp. ???

Blondeau, Gérard: "Plantes carnivores" (Carnivorous plants). Editions du
     Vecchi, Paris, 1996. ISBN 2732808164, softcover, FRF 129. (2nd rev.ed.
     De Vecchi, Paris, 2001, ISBN 2732814857, softcover, FRF 139).
     (also in Italian "Il grande libro delle piante carnivore", De Vecchi, 
     Milano, Italy, 2002, ISBN 884124979, hardcover, EUR 19.90.)
   Descr.: in French, 159 pp., 123 color photos, 27 line drawings, 2 tables.
   From the contents: Part I - Generalites (Generalities); Part II -
   Description des plantes (Description of plants); Part III - Conseils 
   pratiques (Advices); Glossary; Bibliography of French CP books and index. 
   The first part describes carnivorous plants and their kind of traps. The 
   second provides basic information (kind of trap, species description, 
   distribution, light, temperature, watering + picture) of about 50 species 
   in the format of 1 species per page. The last section illustrates cultivation
   and strategy to simulate natural habitats plus pests and diseases.
   Italian version: 151 pp., 124 color photos, 26 B&W drawings, it is translation
   of French 1996 edition. You can find information about Italian carnivorous plants, 
   their locations, list of Italian botanical garden with CP's display and 
   some suggestions as regards the conservation of Italian carnivorous plants.
   A good book for beginners.

Bohuszewiczowna, Zofia: "Rosliny Owadozerne"(Carnivorous Plants). Naklad
     Ksiegarni Sw. Wojciecha, Poznan - Warszawa - Wilno - Lublin, Poland,
     1927. No ISBN, hardcover.
   Descr.: in Polish, 45 pp., 13 drawings. Chapters: Drosera (5 p.); How does
   drosera digest its prey (7 p.); Dionaea and Drosophyllum (8 p.); Nepenthes
   and Sarracenia (9 p.); Utricularia and Aldrovanda (5 p.); Can carnivorous
   plants live without insects (10 p.). The book is intended for beginners
   and concentrates primarily on describing different kinds of traps.

Bordoloi, Renu Prova Momin: "The Pitcher Plant: Nepenthes khasiana".
     Series: Carnivorous plants of North East India I; Dutta Baruah,
     Gauhati, 1977. ISBN ?, ? cover, RS 20.00 (about USD 4.10).
   Descr.: 59 pp. + 5 p. of plates, 2 maps, bibliography, ?

Braem, Guido: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen" (Carnivorous Plants). Naturbuch
     Verlag, 1992. ISBN 3894400145, hardcover, DEM 34.00. (2nd rev. ed. 1996,
     Verlag Ritschel, Gladenbach, Germany. ISBN 398048114X, hardcover,
     DEM 49.80; 3rd rev. ed. 2002, Augustus Verlag, Munich, Germany. ISBN
     ISBN 380437249X or Droemer, Knaur, Germany. ISBN 3426667622, hardcover).
   Descr.: in German, 136 pp., 72 color photos, numerous line drawings
   (2nd ed. cca 75 color photos and 20 line drawings). Annotated
   bibliography. The text itself as well as captions of photographs are
   not too precise  - for example dubious species (e.g.D.exotica, N.
   melamphora) are mentioned, some photos not labeled or labeled wrongly
   (e.g. D.gigantea for D. adelae p.26, D.rotundifolia for D.spatulata
   p.30), some statements are not true (e.g. "The growth of S.flava is
   similar to that of S.psittacina." p.85). Not too good book.

Breimhorst, Dietmar: "Tierfangende Pflanzen" (Plants that catch animals).
     Series: Sonderheft, Der Palmengarten, Stadt Frankfurt a.M., 1988. ISBN ?,
     ? cover, DEM 5.00.
   Descr.: in German, ? pp.  This is a short introduction to CPs made for
   the visitors of the botanic garden. Many grave mistakes that should
   make every botanic garden so ashamed that it sinks into the ground
   lesser its value, but it has got a good concept, is easy reading,
   has some nice pictures (forget the descriptions) and it's cheap.

Broome, Errol: "Sucked in". Series: Sunshine signposts; Heinemann
     Educational, Oxford, 1994. ISBN 0435008420 or 0435008439,
     ? paperback, ?.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 32 pp., ?

Broome, Errol: "Lured in". Series: Sunshine Books; Wright Group Publishing,
     Inc., Bothell, Washington, 1993. ISBN ?, ?.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 32 pp., ?. Includes index. Same as "Sucked in"?

Camilleri, Tony: "Carnivorous Plants". Kangaroo Press, Australia, 1999. ISBN
     0864179170, softcover, USD 16.90. (Simon & Schuster, 2000, ISBN 0684871998, 
     paperback, USD 16.00).  
   Descr.: 103 pp., over 100 high quality color photos. Comprehensive listings
   of species, nurseries and Carnivorous Plant Societies. From the contents:
   Venus Fly Trap, Sundew, Rainbow plant, Waterwheel plant, Pitcher plant, Cobra
   Lily, Sun pitcher, Albany Pitcher plant, Tropical pitcher plant, Butterwort,
   Bladderwort, Carnivorous home garden, pests and diseases. This book aims to
   give new growers valuable information on growing the more common carnivorous
   plants. Review CPN 29(1), 2000, p.26 by Barry Rice: "Minor criticisms
   aside, this is an attractive book. The cultivation instructions are good and
   the photographs are lovely."

Carow, Thomas and Fuerst, Ruedi: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen" (Carnivorous
     Plants). Verlag Carow, Nuedlingen, Germany, 1990. ISBN 3980183904,
     paperback, DEM 14.80 (8th edition 1997, ISBN 3980183912, paperback,
     revised each year).
   Descr.: in German, 72 pp., 2 B&W + 25 color photos, numerous line drawings.
   Chapters: Introduction (1 p.); Past history (2 p.); Plants developed
   cought organs (2 p.); Pitfall traps (14 p.); Lobster trap (2 p.);
   Flypaper traps (14 p.); Steel type traps (6 p.); Suction mousetrap (4 p.);
   Culture (11 p.); List of species (12 p.); Societies and Literature (1 p.).
   A nice small book with useful information for the novice. Even though too
   short, it worth spending money. Nearly no mistakes (except for: Genlisea
   pygmaea has no bulbs or resting period as I know, p.25; P.hirtiflora does
   not form winter resting buds, p.65). Reprinted every year with a revised
   list of known CP species.

Carow, Thomas: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen" (Carnivorous Plants). Series: Garten;
     Kosmos, Stuttgart, Germany, 2005. ISBN 3440101762, paperback, EUR 4.95.
   Descr.: in German, 48 pp., 64 color photos. ???
   From the contents: Fascinating Carnivores {6 p.}, Insectivores in House and
   Garden (8 p.), Practice (8 p.), Portraits (19 p.).
   Review CPN 35(2), 2006, p.57 by Barry Rice: "An introductory work... 
   Carow's photographs, of course, are delightful!" 

Casper, S. Jost: "Monographie Der Gattung Pinguicula L." (Monograph of the
     Genus Pinguicula L.). Bibliotheca Botanica Heft 127/128, Vol. 31, 1966.
     ISSN ?.
   Descr.: in German, 241 pp., 28 B&W photos, 46 drawings or maps. It deals
   with all Pings known at that time. The chapters: General part: History of
   the genus' systematics, Morphology, Embryology, Cytology, Ecology,
   Chorology, Biochemical and medical aspects, Evolutionary development;
   Special part: Subgenus Isoloba (20 species), Subgenus Temnoceras (9
   species), Subgenus Pinguicula (17 species), Hybrids, Nomina dubia,
   Determination key. Especially the Mexican Pings need a review,
   nevertheless this is still the most important monograph of this genus
   to date. An excellent work!

Catalano, Marcelo: "Coltivare le Piante Carnivore" (Cultivation of the
     Carnivorous Plants). Self published by the author, printed in Praha,
     Czech Republic, 2005. EUR 25.00
   Descr.: in Italian, 135 pp., 120 color photographs, ???
   Treated are all carnivorous genera including Triphyophyllum and also
   Roridula and Ibicella. ???
Chan, Tai Fung: "?" (Insectivorous Plants). Tak Li Books, Hong Kong, 1982.
     ISBN ?, ? cover, ?.
   Descr.: in Chinese (plants have Latin names), 107 pp., 20 color photos,
   101 B&W photos and 2 drawings, no map. The book is a translation of the
   Japanese book "Insectivorous Plants" by ICPS (1979).

Cheers, Gordon: "Carnivorous Plants". Globe Press, Melbourne, Australia, 1983.
     ISBN 0959193707, paperback, USD 7.95.
   Descr.: 95 pp., 43 colour photos, drawings, 10 maps. Chapters: Past
   history; How to choose CPs that will thrive for you (4 p.); ? p. of
   description of CPs; Summer growth & winter dormancy (3 p.); Peat gardens
   & terraria (9 p.); Equipment required (2 p.); References. A book mostly
   dedicated to cultural information of the commonly grown species. Review
   CPN 13(1), 1984, p.27 by D.E.Schnell.

Cheers, Gordon: "A Guide to the Carnivorous Plants of the World".
     Collins/Angus & Robertson, Pymble, NSW, Australia, 1992. ISBN 0207161860
     or "Letts Guide to Carnivorous Plants of the World", Letts of London,
     1992, ISBN 1852381248, hardcover + color dust jacket, USD 43.00.
   Descr.: 174 + X pp. , 236 colour + 7 B&W photos, 24 maps, 37 drawings,
   29 p. about history, evolutionary, classification and trapping mechanisms
   of CPs, 19 p. of cultivation & propagation. The main part of the book
   (83 p.) describes 106 species including Brocchinia, Catopsis and
   Triphyophyllum, 14 p. about the author's field trips. Review CPN 22(1&2),
   1993, p.41-2 by D.E.Schnell: " This is an excellent book. ... I would
   recommend that if you could only afford one book, this should be your
   first choice." Despite some errors (e.g. p.78 not D.pygmaea, p.85 U.
   quelchii for G.repens, p.87 H.nutans for H.heterodoxa, p.95 N.
   reinwardtiana for N.gymnamphora, p.95 probably N.hirsuta for right photo
   of N.leptochila, p.96 N.macrovulgaris for left photo of N.leptochila,
   p.98-99 N.x mixta for N.maxima, p.101 N.x kinabaluensis for N.rajah, p.
   105 N.x kinabaluensis for N.villosa, p.114 P.grandiflora for P.vulgaris),
   it is a beautiful book.

Cheers, Gordon and Silk, Julie: "Killer Plants and How to Grow Them".
     Penguin Books, ISBN 0140548017, paperback, USD 4.99.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, ?. An informative introduction to the world of
   carnivorous plants - plants that lure small creatures into their trigger
   traps, sticky traps, pitfall traps and spiky tunnels. Detailed illustrations
   show the various species - Venus Fly Traps, Cobra Lilies, Monkey Cups and many
   more - and there is clear information as to where they are found and how to
   grow them.

Children's Press (ed.): "Carnivorous Plants". Children's Press, ?, 1992.
     ISBN 0516956442, paperback, USD 5.95.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, ?

Clarke, Charles: "A Guide to the Pitcher Plants of the Peninsular Malaysia". Natural History 
     Publications (Borneo) Sdn. Bhd., Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, 2002. ISBN 
     9838120618, stapled softcover, RM 20.00.
   Descr.: IV+32 pp. ?. 
   From the publisher's advertisement: This new guide to the pitcher plants (Nepenthes) of
   Peninsular Malaysia discusses the 10 species and several natural hybrids that occur in the
   region. In comparison to the neighbouring islands of Borneo and Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia
   is not often considered to be a centre of diversity for pitcher plants, but as this book
   serves to illustrate, the species that occur there are as beautiful and spectacular as those
   from anywhere else. The book is divided into several parts, the first one introducing the
   reader to pitcher plants and Peninsular Malaysia in general. This is followed by a section
   that discusses each of the species, and several natural hybrids in greater detail. The final
   part provides information on several notable locations where pitcher plants can be found in
   Peninsular Malaysia. The text is drawn from the author's previous works on Nepenthes from
   Sumatra and Borneo, while the illustrations include a number of images that have not been
   published previously. The book is illustrated throughout with beautiful colour photographs
   and the text is simple and easy to read, avoiding the use of scientific jargon wherever
   possible. It is of interest to nature lovers from Peninsular Malaysia, tourists, naturalists
   and, of course, any student of Nepenthes.
   Review CPN 32(4), 2003, p.112 by Barry Rice: "...overshadowing the text is the photography, 
   which is truly beautiful..."

Clarke, Charles: "A Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Sabah". Natural History 
     Publications (Borneo) Sdn. Bhd., Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, 2001. ISBN 
     983812057X, stapled softcover, RM 20.00.
   Descr.: IV+40 pp. 59 colour photos, 2 colour maps, 7 B&W drawings, 3 B&W illustrations.
   Contents: Introduction to the pitcher plants of Sabah (8 p.), The Nepenthes of Sabah
   (28 p. covering 19 species + 6 hybrids), Where can you see pitcher plants in Sabah?
   (3 p.), Further Reading (1 pp.). This lovely booklet has excellent photographs.
   Review CPN 32(1), 2003, p.10 by Michael Catalani: "The phtos are simply incredible. ...
   Indeed, it is somewhat like a condensed version of 'Nepenthes of Borneo', but rewritten
   in less scientific language."

Clarke, Charles and Lee Ch'ien: "A Pocket Guide: Pitcher Plants of Sarawak". Natural History 
     Publications (Borneo) Sdn. Bhd., Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, 2004. ISBN
     983812091X, stapled softcover, RM 20.00.
   Descr.: VI + 81 pp., 68 colour photos, 1 map, 1 table.
   From the contents: "Introduction" contains chapters Pitcher plants (6 p.), Prey capture and 
   digestion (7 p.) and The distribution of pitcher plants in Sarawak (9 p.); "The species" (54 p.),
   Acknowledgements (1 p.), Further reading (2 p.).
   The book is presented in a pocket-size format and is divided into two main parts. 
   The first part introduces the reader to pitcher plants in general, while the second discusses 
   each of the species (plus several natural hybrids) in detail. Featured are also newly discovered 
   species, such as. N.glanduligera, N. hurrelliana, N. platychila and N. vogelii plus rediscovered 
   N. campanulata, which in total gives 25 species of pitcher plants growing in Sarawak.
   As usual with Clarke's books, the photographs are excellent. 
Clarke, Charles: "Nepenthes of Borneo". Natural History Publications (Borneo)
     Sdn. Bhd., Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, 1997. ISBN 9838120154,
     hardcover + color dust jacket, regular edition: RM 195 (incl. postage),
     limited edition (signed by the author, numbered, with a slip-case) RM 215
     (incl. postage).
   Descr.: XII + 207 pp., 122 figures (110 of which are color photos). Contents:
   Introduction; Plant Structure; Ecology; The Species; The Natural Hybrids;
   Conservation. An excellent book on 31 Nepenthes of Borneo taking into account
   latest taxonomic research! Review CPN 27(4), 1998, p. 115 by Barry
   Rice: "All carnivorous plant enthusiasts interested in Nepenthes
   should buy this book. Its photographs alone make it worth the cost!"

Clarke, Charles: "Nepenthes of Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia". Natural
     History Publications (Borneo) Sdn. Bhd., Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia,
     2001. ISBN 9838120502, hardcover, RM 280.
   Descr.: X + 326 pp., 147 color photographs, 4 color maps, 6 drawings/graphs. 
   Chapters: Introduction; Ecology; The Species (treated are 34 species); The 
   Natural Hybrids; Conservation; Cultivation. The chapter on the species goes 
   into far greater taxonomic detail than Nepenthes of Borneo, with a similar format 
   to that used by Jebb & Cheek in their 1997 revision of the genus. An excellent
   treatment of Nepenthes in the covered region. Review CPN 31(1), 2002, p. 9 by 
   Jan Schlauer: "I recommend it without any reservation."

Clayton, Colin H.: "Carnivorous Plants of Mauritius and Seychelles". Series: A Field Guide and Cultural
     Notes to the Indigenous and Exotic Species; Triffid Park, Australia, 2005.
     No ISBN?, softcover with spiral bound, AUD 40.00 within Australia, AUD 50.00 overseas.
   Descr.: 39 pp., ???t, color photos, maps and drawings
   Describes and tells in detail where to find the Carnivorous Plants of Mauritius and Seychelles.
   Particular reference to Nepenthes pervillei.
Clayton, Colin H.: "Carnivorous Plants in California, U.S.A.". Series: A Field Guide and Cultural
     Notes to the Indigenous and Exotic Species; Triffid Park, Australia, 2003. No ISBN?,
     softcover with spiral bound, AUD 55.00 within Australia, AUD 65.00 overseas.
   Descr.: 58 pp., ??? color photos, maps and drawings
   Describes and tells where to find the carnivorous plants of California in detail.
   Written in conjunction with J.Hawkeye Rondeau Ph.D and special guest contributor Barry 
   A.Rice Ph.D..

Clayton, Colin H.: "Carnivorous Plants in Hawaii U.S.A.". Series: A Field Guide and Cultural
     Notes to the Indigenous and Exotic Species; Triffid Park, Australia, 2002. Rev.ed.2005.
     No ISBN?, softcover with spiral bound, AUD 35.00 within Australia, AUD 45.00 overseas.
   Descr.: 27 pp., ???t, color photos, maps and drawings
   Describes and tells where to find the carnivorous plants of Hawaii in detail. 
Clayton, Colin H.: "Carnivorous Plants in New Caledonia, Australia". Series: A Field Guide and Cultural
     Notes to the Indigenous and Exotic Species; Triffid Park, Australia, 2002. Rev.ed.2005. ? ISBN?, 
     No ISBN?, softcover with spiral bound, AUD 45.00 within Australia, AUD 55.00 overseas.
   Descr.: 42 pp., ?? color photos, maps and drawings
   Describes and tells where to find the carnivorous plants of New Caledonia and the Isle of Pines 
   in detail.

Clayton, Colin H.: "Carnivorous Plants in New South Wales, Australia". Series: A Field Guide and Cultural
     Notes to the Indigenous and Exotic Species; Triffid Park, Australia, 2003. No ISBN?,
     softcover with spiral bound, AUD 55.00 within Australia, AUD 65.00 overseas.
   Descr.: 75 pp., ??? color photos, maps and drawings.
   Describes and tells where to find the carnivorous plants of New South Wales in detail.
Clayton, Colin H.: "Carnivorous Plants in New Zealand". Series: A Field Guide and Cultural
     Notes to the Indigenous and Exotic Species; Triffid Park, Australia, 2003. 
     No ISBN?, softcover with spiral bound, AUD 50.00 within Australia, AUD 60.00 overseas.
   Descr.: 58 pp., ??? color photos, maps and drawings
   Describes and tells where to find the carnivorous plants of New Zealand in detail.                                 

Clayton, Colin H.: "Carnivorous Plants in South Australia, Australia". Series: A Field Guide and Cultural
     Notes to the Indigenous and Exotic Species; Triffid Park, Australia, 2005. No ISBN?,
     softcover with spiral bound, AUD 50.00 within Australia, AUD 60.00 overseas.
   Descr.: 66 pp., ??? color photos, maps and drawings.
   Describes and tells where to find the carnivorous plants of South Australia in detail.

Clayton, Colin H.: "Carnivorous Plants in Tasmania, Australia". Series: A Field Guide and Cultural
     Notes to the Indigenous and Exotic Species; Triffid Park, Australia, 2003. ISBN?, 
     softcover with spiral bound, AUD 50.00 within Australia, AUD 60.00 overseas.
   Descr.: 55 pp, 39 color photos, 2 B/W photos, 2 color drawings, 2 B/W drawings, 6 color 
   maps. Describes and tells where to find the carnivorous plants of Tasmania in detail.
Clayton, Colin H.: "Carnivorous Plants in Victoria, Australia". Series: A Field Guide and Cultural
     Notes to the Indigenous and Exotic Species; Triffid Park, Australia, 1998. Following 
     ed. 2000, 2005. No ISBN?, softcover with spiral bound, AUD 55.00 within Australia, 
     AUD 65.00 overseas.
   Descr.: 72 pp., 53 color photos, 3 drawings, 18 color maps, 2 B&W maps; ed. 2000 - 81 pp.,
   60 color photos, 3 color drawings, 2 B&W drawings, 17 color maps, 3 B&W maps; ed. 2005 - 87 pp., ???
   This is a book on where to find all of Victorias carnivorous plants, with maps and GPS
   references. As well as comments, range, cultural notes and seasons. Taken
   from the Preface: Victoria is a virtual treasure chest of carnivorous plants,
   but to find them is beyond even the most ardent visiting C.P. enthusiast,
   given the short time at their disposal. This book's goal is to tell you
   where, and most importantly when, to look for them. This book is updated
   constantly as new plants are found and new information comes to hand.
Clayton, Colin H.: "Carnivorous Plants - Collecting, Naming, and Preserving 
     of Herbarium Specimens". Triffid Park, Australia, 2003. No ISBN?, softcover 
     with spiral bound, AUD 40.00 within Australia, AUD 50.00 overseas.
   Descr.: 43 pp., ??? drawings, photos sketches etc.
   Describes how to name, collect and preserve carnivorous plants as herbarium specimens, 
   with a long section on how to pronounce carnivorous plant names. 
Clayton, Colin H.: "Droseras of the World - Occasional Paper No.1, Ten of the World's Droseras".
     Triffid Park, Australia, 2006. No ISBN?, softcover with spiral bound, AUD 45.00 within Australia, 
     AUD 55.00 overseas.
   Descr.: 52 pp., ??? color photos, maps.
   A comprehensive accumulation of 10 Droseras taken from all of Colin H. Clayton's books.
   Features Drosera whittakeri and its varieties, D. anglica, D. arcturi, D. neocaledonica, 
   D. x obovata, D. pygmaea, D. stricticaulis and D. praefolia.

Clayton, Colin H.: "Seychelles Carnivorous Plants". Series: A Field Guide and Cultural
     Notes to the Indigenous and Exotic Species; Triffid Park, Australia, 2005. No ISBN?,
     softcover with spiral bound, AUD 35.00 within Australia, AUD 45.00 overseas.
   Descr.: 30 pp., ??? color photos, maps and drawings
   Describes and tells in detail, where to find the carnivorous plants of Seychelles. Particular 
   reference to Nepenthes pervillei.

Clayton, Colin H.: "Sri Lanka's Carnivorous Plants". Series: A Field Guide and Cultural
     Notes to the Indigenous and Exotic Species; Triffid Park, Australia, 2006. No ISBN?,
     softcover with spiral bound, AUD 55.00 within Australia, AUD 65.00 overseas.
   Descr.: 70 pp., ??? color photos, maps and drawings.
   Describes and tells, in detail, where to find the Carnivorous Plants of Sri Lanka. 
   The only current published information on Nepenthes distillatoria. Features Sri Lanka's 
   endemic Utricularia moniliformis.

Clyne, Densey: "Plants of Prey". Series: Densey Clyne's Small Worlds;
     Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd., Sydney, Australia, 1992. ISBN 1863731326,
     paperback. USD 6.95 (following ed. Ser.: Nature Close-Ups; Gareth Stevens
     Publ., Milwaukee, 1998, ISBN 0836820606, hardcover USD 18.60).
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 33 pp., 31 color photos (numerous close-ups),
   1 B&W drawing. An introductory work, no cultural information, no botanical
   names.  Review CPN 29(4), 2000, p.125 by Barry Rice: "This book...
   accurately introduces simple botanical concepts."

Cooper, Jason: "Insect-Eating Plants". Series: Earth's garden; Rourke
     Enterprises, Vero Beach, Florida, 1991, ISBN 0865926247, hardcover,
     USD 8.95. (also in Spanish: "Plantas insectivoras", Series: Los jardines
     de la tierra; Argentina, ISBN 0865925488).
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 24 pp., ?. An introduction to the world of

Correa A., Mireya D. and dos Santos, Silva, Tania Regina: "Drosera (Droseraceae)".
     Series: Flora Neotropica Monograph, Vol.96; The New york Botanical Garden Press,
     NY, 2005. ISBN 0893274631, paperback, USD 25.00.
   Descr.: in Spanish with an English abstract. 72 pp., B&W figures and maps.
   From the contents: taxonomic history of the genus, general morphology, cytology,
   palynology, phytochemistry, infrageneric classification, geographic distribution,
   floral biology, seed dispersal, ecology, conservation, human uses and taxonomic
   treatment (detailed description of each species including morphology and 
   distribution). A rather complete treatment of Drosera in the New World tropics,
   unfortunately, filled with errors and oversights. Review CPN 35(2), 2006, p.56 
   by Fernando Rivadavia: "The overall sum of problems detected in this publication
   is simply inexcusable".    
Culham, Alastair (ed.): "The Guide to Carnivorous Plants". The Carnivorous
     Plant Society, London, 1988 (2nd ed. 1991). ?
   Descr.: 26 pp., ?

D'Amato, Peter: "The Savage Garden : Cultivating Carnivorous Plants".
     Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, California, 1998. ISBN 0898159156,
     paperbound, USD 19.95.
   Descr.: 336 pp, 225 full color illustrations. From the contents: after the
   introduction to carnivorous plants (covering their history in horticulture,
   why they are carnivorous etc.), the book is divided into three parts - Part I
   is on the basics of cultivation, covering soils, pottery, photoperiod, grow
   lights and things like that; Part II reviews where you can grow carnivorous
   plants, such as greenhouses, terrariums, windowsills, outdoors and so on;
   Part III reviews all genera of CP and their specific cultivation requirements
   rather extensively. An appendix covering resources, laws, tissue culture,
   etc. It seems to be a great book for any CPer. Some spelling mistakes, e.g.
   N. bicalcurata instead of N.bicalcarata, U. reinformis for U. reniformis.
   Review CPN 27(3), 1998, p.72-3 by Barry Rice: "I tell you to run, not
   walk, to the nearest bookseller and buy D'Amato's new book...".

Danser, Benedictus Hubertus: "The Nepentheaceae of the Netherlands Indies".
     Bulletin du Jardin Botanique de Buitenzorg, Ser.III, Vol.IX, No.3-4,
     1927-28, p.249-438. No ISSN. (Reprint: Natural History Publications (Borneo)
     Sdn. Bhd., Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, 2006. ISBN 9838121150, hardover, 
     USD 36.00.)
   Descr.: description of plants in Latin, notes in English, 190 pp.,
   27 full-page drawings, 9 maps, 1 table, extended references, index.
   This is from a magazine, however it is so important that it should be
   included in this list. This is the most important monograph of the
   genus Nepenthes describing the most (51) of existing species (many
   were published for the first time) and some interesting theories
   (distribution, evolution, comparison etc).
   Reprint: VI + 206 pp.. The introduction written by Charles Clarke
   describes the major taxonomic changes and additions that have taken place 
   since 1928. 

Darwin, Charles: "Insectivorous Plants". 1875. X + 462 pp, hardcover.
     (D. Appleton & Co., NY, 1875; John Murray, London, 1875; John Murray,
     London, 1876; John Murray, London, 1883; 2nd ed. revised by Francis Darwin,
     John Murray, London, 1888, XIV + 376 pp.; John Murray, London, 1893, 2nd
     rev. ed., XIV + 376 pp.; D. Appleton & Co., NY, 1896, authorized ed.; D.
     Appleton & Co., NY, 1897, XIV + 376 pp.; D. Appleton & Co., NY, 1898, XIV +
     376 pp.; D. Appleton & Co., NY, 1900, authorized ed., XIV + 376 pp.; D.
     Appleton & Co., NY, 1910, repr. of 1888 ed., XIV + 376 pp.; D. Appleton &
     Co., NY, 1915, repr. of 1888 ed., XIV + 376 pp.; AMS Press, NY, 1971, repr.
     of 1893 ed., XIV + 377 pp., ISBN 0404019285; Series: The Works of Charles
     Darwin, Vol. 12, AMS Press, NY, 1972, repr. of 1896 ed., X + 462 pp., ISBN
     0404084125, USD 42.00; Series: The works of Charles Darwin, Vol. 24,
     University Press, NY, 1989, repr. of 1888 ed., 5 + XV + 345 pp., ISBN
     081471822-1, hardcover, USD 95.00; Pickering and Chatto, ?, 2nd ed. 1992,
     repr. of the 2nd ed. 1888; Series: The works of Charles Darwin, Vol. 24,
     2nd ed. 1992, 360 pp., ISBN 1851964045, GBP 55.00; Printwell, Jaipur,
     India, 1994, repr. of the 2nd ed., XII+377 pp., hardcover; also in French:
     "Les Plantes Carnivores", C. Reinwald, Paris, 1877, XXIII + 540 pp.;
     German: "Insectenfressende Pflanzen", E. Schweizerbartsche Verlagshandlung,
     Stuttgart, 1876; Italian: "Le Piante Insettivore", Unione Tipografico
     Editrice, Torino, 1???, 312 pp.; Romanian: "Plante Insectivore", Series:
     Clasicii stiintei universale, Vol. 5, Editura Academiei Republicii
     Socialiste Romania, Bucuresti, Soc. Rep. of Romania, 1965, XXII + 497 pp.;
     other editions and reprints possible).     
  Descr.: 30 drawings.
   This enjoyable book gave the carnivorous nature of plants scientific
   reputation. This was not a less revolutionary book than the one he
   became famous for, but, as Darwin said, the little plant with sticky
   leaves (D.rotundifolia) was much  dearer than the whole development
   of species for him. So he dedicated a major part of this book to this
   sundew and described many still interesting experiments with which he
   proved carnivorous nature of plants. However, most of the other CP
   genera are discussed, too. Includes references and index. Fun reading,
   a historical value. Highly recommended especially to teachers and other
   people who want to give practical introductions in the field of CP and
   science. Juniper et al. in their books write that Darwin and Lloyd should
   be in a library of every CP botanically founded enthusiast.

Dawson, Genevieve: "Las plantas carnivoras" (Carnivorous Plants). Series:
     Libros del caminante; Editoria Universitaria de Buenos Aires, Buenos
     Aires, 1965. No ISBN ?, ? hardcover, ?.
   Descr.: in Spanish, 92 pp., ?. Bibliography.

Dean, Anabel: "Plants that Eat Insects: A Look At Carnivorous Plants".
     Lerner Publications, Minneapolis, 1977. ISBN 0822502992, hardcover,
     USD 5.95.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 32 pp., simple B&W drawings. Brief text,
   no information on cultivation, no scientific names, see also CPN 19(1&2),
   1990, p.32-40.

Degreef, Jean Daniel: "Vleesetende Planten" (Carnivorous Plants). Drosera
     vzw, Gent, Belgium, 1994. no ISBN, soft cover with staples, about
     USD 3.00.
   Descr.: versions in Dutch, German, English or French, 28 pp., 36 excellent
   color photos, 13 line drawings. From the contents: What is a CP; Why CPs
   exist; How CPs attract prey; Overview of the world of CPs; Why CPs are
   interesting; CPs in other genera; CP cultivation; CP societies and
   literature. Quite a good booklet for beginners with a few errors. Review
   CPN 23(4), 1994, p.88.

Diels, Ludwig: "Droseraceae". In Engler, Adolf (ed.): Das Pflanzenreich,
     IV.112, Heft 26, Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig und Berlin, 1906. No ISBN,
     hardcover. (reprinted in 1956?, ?, Germany, ISBN 3768220265, hardcover,
     DEM 40.00; reprinted in 1991, Bishen Singh Mahendra Palsingh, India, 156 pp.)
   Descr.: in Latin with a German introduction, 286 pp., 40 drawings + 1
   map which both are excellent, an often cited book. Still the most
   important monograph of the genus Drosera, however, a review of the genus
   is needed.

Duncan, F. Martin and Duncan, L.T.: "Plant Traps and Decoys". Oxford
     University Press, 1914. No ISBN, paperback (reprinted in 1920, 1927, 1930,
     1936 and 1941 by Morrison & Gibb Ltd., London and Edinburgh, no ISBN,
   Descr.: 76 p., 17 B&W photos, 6 line drawings, 4 color plates. Chapters: 1.
   Plant ogres, 2. The side-saddle plant, 3. Pitcher plants, 4. The bladderwort,
   5. The sundew, 6. The butterwort, 7. Venus' flytrap, 8. Fly-catchers, 9. The
   teasel's water-tank, 10. The movements of plants. Simple text covers Dionaea,
   Drosera, Drosophyllum, Nepenthes, Sarracenia, Darlingtonia, Utricularia,
   Pinguicula as well as Mimosa pudica and teasel.

Erickson, Rica: "Plants of Prey in Australia". Lamb Publications, Osborne Park,
     Perth, 1968. ISBN 0855640995, hardcover + color dust jacket, USD 16.00
     (following ed. University of Western Australia Press, Nedlands, W.A., 1978;
     1980, 1982, 1986).
   Descr.: 94 pp., no photographs but 19 plates (10 color, 9 B&W) of densely
   illustrated botanical drawings. Contents: Introducing CPs (2 p.), Drosera or
   Sundew - Flypaper traps (40 p.), Byblis or Rainbow Plant - Flypaper traps
   (2 p.), Cephalotus or Western Australian Pitcher Plant - A pitfall trap
   (2 p.), Nepenthes or Tropical Pitcher Plant - A pitfall trap (4 p.),
   Utricularia or Bladderworts - Suction traps (26 p.), Aldrovanda or Waterwheel
   Plant - A spring trap (2 p.), References (1 p.), Glossary, Index.
   Excellent companion to Lowrie's later works. No cultural information. A book
   covering all the Australian CP known at the time. Some old names are used:
   D.bulbosa (p.28) should be D.rosulata, U.aurea (p.68) U.aurea or U.australis,
   U.albiflora (p.76) U.albiflora or U.quinquidentata, 

Fessler, Alfred: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen fuer Haus und Garten"
     (Carnivorous Plants for Home and Garden). Kosmos, Stuttgart, 1982. ISBN
     344005070X, ? cover, DEM 19.50 (also in Dutch: "Vleesetende Planten"?,
     Thieme, Zutphen, 1983, ISBN 9003978301, paperback).
   Descr.: in German, 112 pp. 39 color photographs (some very nice), numerous
   line drawings. It is old but a very useful book for a beginner who wants
   to know more on CPs and wants to grow them. However, the author uses
   invalid names (S.drummondi,...).

Foggi, Bruno: "Le Piante Carnivore" (Carnivorous Plants). Series: Supplement
     of Caryologia Vol. 47/1, 1994 or Pubblicazioni dell'Orto Botanico di
     Firenze, Vol. 5, 1994. No ISBN, paperback, ?
   Descr.: in Italian, 71 pp., 29 B&W drawings, 1 map (distribution of CPs in
   Tuscany, a region of the central Italy), 4 tables. The book is divided into
   four sections, the first describing morphology, the second ecology and
   geographic distribution of CPs, the third deals with evolution, while the
   last part describes various CP families and genera with particular
   attention to the species growing in the Florence Botanical Garden.
   A general introduction to the CP world but with no practical cultural
Fowler, Allan: "Plants That Eat Animals". Series: Rookie Read-About Science; 
     Children's Press, 2001. ISBN 051621683X, school & library binding, USD 19.00 or
     ISBN 0516273094, paperback, USD 4.95.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 32 pp., ? 

Fromm-Trinta, Elza: "Revisao das especies do genero Genlisea St.-Hil.
     (Lentibulariaceae) das regioes sudeste e sul do Brasil" (Revision of genus
     Genlisea in southeastern and southern Brazil). Universidade Federal do Rio
     de Janeiro (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), 1978. No ISBN, paperback.
   Descr.: in Portuguese, 139 pp., 29 B&W photos, 5 drawings. Although this is
   a mastership thesis of the author, it seems to be very important. Contents:
   botanical history of the genus, analysis of specimens, botanical key, species
   description, discussions and conclusion. Describes all Brazilian Genlisea
   known at that time: G. aurea, G. filiformis, G. pygmaea, G. repens and
   G. violacea.

Gentle, Victor: "Bloodthirsty Plants". Gareth Stevens Pub., Milwaukee, 1996.
      ISBN 0836816536, ?
   Descr.: 6-volume set of books, 24 pp. per volume, also available separately.
   It is a well-illustrated series, each volume concentrating on one particular
   group of plants, and describing the structure and functioning of their traps,
   the typical habitat the plants inhabit, and how they can be of benefit or harm
   to humans. Review CPN 29(4), 2000, p.125 by Barry Rice: "...they are 
   excellent introductions to each kind of carnivorous plant."

Gentle, Victor: "Bladderworts: Trapdoors to Oblivion". Series: Bloodthirsty
     Plants; Gareth Stevens Pub., Milwaukee, 1996. ISBN 0836816544, hardcover,
     USD 15.93.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 24 pp., ?. An itroduction to Utricularia genus.
   Describes the traps, plant types, diet, habitat, and possible use against the
   cans toad plague in Australia. Including bibliography and index.

Gentle, Victor: "Butterworts: Greasy Cups of Death". Series: Bloodthirsty
    Plants; Gareth Stevens Pub., Milwaukee, 1996. ISBN 0836816552, hardcover,
    USD 15.93.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 24 pp., ?. An itroduction to Pinguicula genus.
   It even talks about such things as hibernaculum and how leaves can die from
   bacteria if they try to eat something too large. Including bibliography and

Gentle, Victor: "Carnivorous Mushrooms: Lassoing Their Prey?". Series:
     Bloodthirsty Plants; Gareth Stevens Pub., Milwaukee, 1996. ISBN
     0836816560, hardcover, USD 15.93.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 24 pp., ?. Introduces some varieties of
   fungi that eat eel worms, describing the damage these tiny worms cause
   to both plants and animals and the different ways that the fungi trap
   their prey. Including bibliography and index.

Gentle, Victor: "Pitcher Plants: Slippery Pits of no Escape". Series:
     Bloodthirsty Plants; Gareth Stevens Pub., Milwaukee, 1996. ISBN
     0836816579, hardcover, USD 15.93.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 24 pp., ?. Introduces pitcher plant families
   by describing their traps, plant types, diet, and nutrient-poor habitats
   with the consequent of carnivory. Including bibliography and index.

Gentle, Victor: "Sundews: a Sweet and Sticky Death". Series: Bloodthirsty
     Plants; Gareth Stevens Pub., Milwaukee, 1996. ISBN 0836816587, hardcover,
     USD 15.93.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 24 pp., ?. Introduces Drosera genus by describing
   the traps, plant types, diet, and nutrient-poor habitats with the consequent of
   carnivory. Including bibliography and index.

Gentle, Victor: "Venus Fly Traps and Waterwheels: Spring Traps of the Plant
     World". Series: Bloodthirsty Plants; Gareth Stevens Pub., Milwaukee,
    1996. ISBN 0836816595, hardcover, USD 15.93.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 24 pp., ?. Describes the physical characteristics
   of Dionaea and Aldrovanda, how they trap and digest their prey. Including
   bibliography and index.

Goetghebeur, Paul (ed.): "Vleesetende Planten" (Carnivorous Plants). Drosera
     vzw, Plantentuin Rijksuniversiteit Gent, Gent, Belgium, 1991. no ISBN,
     paperback, about USD 5.00.
   Descr.: in Dutch, 128 pp., 35 line drawings. From the contents: Introduction
   (carnivorous  syndrome,  systematics, distribution, attraction and trap
   forms); CPs in Belgium; Europe; General cultivation tips; Plants for
   beginners; Making your own marsh; Old stories about CPs; Medicinal use of
   CPs; More detailed information on some families and genera and How to grow
   them. It's a general introduction with advice on the culture of various
   groups of CPs.

Goldstein, Phillip: "Animals and Plants that Trap". Holiday House, NY, 1974.
     ISBN 082340241X, USD 5.95, hardcover (following ed. 1994, ISBN 155971218X).
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 118 + 19 pp., B&W photos. Includes
   bibliography. A detailed work with good B&W drawings, no overview on trap
   mechanisms, see also CPN 19(1&2), 1990, p.32-40.

Griswell, Tim K.: "Carnivorous Plants (Nature's Predators)". Kidhaven, USA, 2002.
     ISBN 0737713879, hardcover, USD 23.70.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 48 pp. ?. 
   Discusses meat-eating plants, their life cycles, how they lure their prey, 
   where different species are located, and what is being done to protect 
   endangered carnivorous plants and their habitats. 

Hannan, Laurianne L.: "Carnivorous Plants". Botanical Garden, University of
     California, Berkeley, 1975. ISBN ?, ? paperback, ?.
   Descr.: 18 pp., ?

Harms, H.: "Sarraceniales":
     Uphof, J.C.Th.: "Sarraceniaceae", Harms, H.: "Nepenthaceae", Diels, L.:
     "Droseraceae". In Engler, Adolf; Harms, H.: Die natuerlichen
     Pflanzenfamilien, Band 17b, Leipzig, Verlag Willhelm Engelmann, 1936,
     p.701-784. No ISBN, ? hardcover.
   Descr.: in German, 83 pp.. Rather a short summary of the works of
   Macfarlane, Diels and other previous publications than a work of its own.
   Survey of CPs known at that time.
Harwood, Penny: "Meat-Eating Plants". Series: Eye view; School Specialty Children's 
   Publishing, 2003. ISBN 1577685652, hardcover, USD 14.95.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 32 pp. ?. 
   Discussed are main genera of CP's for readers in the ages 4-8. The photographs 
   are excellent. ?

Hattori, Masato; Saito, Kei and Sato, Daisaku: "Pinguicula, Sono Miryoku to Saibai"
     (Attractive Pinguicula Species and their Culture". ??, 2001. ???, softcover, ???.
   Descr.: in Japanese with English names under most of the photographs, ?, 
   105 pages, paperback, B&W drawings, 23 pages color photos. List of known hybrid 
   crosses, Cultivars. The English names under most of the photos makes this book 
   useful to students of Pinguiculas.
Hattori, Tasuke: "Honposan nikushoku-shokubutsu" (Carnivorous Plants in Japan). 
   Rokumeikan, 1909. No ISBN, ? cover.
   Descr.: in Japanese, ?

Hattori, Tasuke: "Nikushoku-shokubutsu no kenkyu" (Study of Carnivorous
     Plants). Ogawa Shoeido, 1908. No ISBN, ? cover.
   Descr.: in Japanese, ?

Heide-Jorgensen, Henning J.: "Parasitisme og Carnivori" (Parasitism and
     Carnivory). Institute for Plantenanatomi og Cytologi (Institute of Plant
     Anatomy and Cytology), Kobenhavne Universitet, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1981.
     No ISBN, soft cover. A limited eddition for students.
   Descr.: in Danish, 61 pp., 25 figures, 5 tables, extended references. Original
   electron micrographs of Cephalotus and Utricularia.  A scientific treatment
   of parasitic and carnivorous plants. Amongst others, it presents some
   interesting research results of Utricularia trap ultrastructure and function.

Heilborn, Adolf: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen" (Carnivorous Plants). Brehm
     Verlag Berlin, Brehm Buecher Band 3, 1930. No ISBN, ? cover.
   Descr.: in German, 32 pp. It is an essay on the nature of CP, culture

Honda, Makoto: "Insectivorous Plants in the Wilderness", Vol.1 North American Species,
   Descr.: ???

Hoogenstrijd, Gert J.: "Carniflora: Vleesetende planten werking, soorten, verzoging"
     (Carniflora: Carnivorous plants, trapping, species and growing). Uitgeverij Palmblad,
     The Netherlands, 2002. ISBN 9080721611, stapled paperback, EUR 7.00.
   Descr.: bilingual (English and Dutch), 1+48+1 pages, 88 colour photos, format DIN A4.
   From the contents: introduction (7 p.), genera and distribution with culture hints (23 p.),
   cultivation, protection and conservation (16 p.), list of nurseries, CP organizations etc.
   A nice, well done, booklet with lovely photographs. Review CPN 32(2), 2003, p. 63
   by Barry Rice: "So while this would be an entirely suitable book for a person first
   learning about carnivorous plants, anyone with more than two or three books in their
   carnivorous plant library will learn little new. ...the photographs contribute a large
   amount to the value of this book, and make it a worthwhile purchase."

Inaho, Norito : "Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Mexican Pinguicula". 
     Self published by the author: Norito Inaho, Higashitanaka 1-21-19, 
     Gotemba 412-002J, 2000. No ISBN, stapled paperback, ?.
   Descr.: English or Japanese version, I + 9 pp. + 9 p. of plates, 62 color photographs,
   6 drawings, 1 table. From the contents: Preface; Properties of species, subspecies
   and varieties: P.moranensis group, Species close to P.moranensis, P.agnata complex,
   Small rosette forming species bearing succulent leaves, Other Mexicans, Hybrids;
   Total listing with short comment; Acknowledgements.
   Very litle cultivation information, numerous floral photographs of rarely seen 
   clones, history of many invalid names, cultural hints.

Insectivorous Plant Society (Ed.) "Sekaino Shokuchu Shokubutsu" (Amazing World of Carnivorous 
     Plants). Seibundo Shinkosha, Tokyo, 2003. ISBN 4416403054, paperback + color dust 
     jacket, JPY 3800 . 
   Descr.: in Japanese with English translation at the end of the book, 159 pp., about 700
   color photographs. Nearly 350 species is presented on excellent full-color photographs, many
   of which were taken in the nature. The book is almost 100% photographs. Except for photo
   captions, a minimal textual description is given at the outset of each chapter. The book
   does not offer any horticultural information, it rather focuses on the presentation of as
   many CPs as possible in their natural habitat. This is definitely a must-have book in your
   CP book shelf.
   From the contents: Preface; Special Feature 1 (CPs on Guayana Highlands); Snap Trap
   (Dionaea / Aldrovanda); Suction Trap (Terrestrial Utricularia / Aquatic Utricularia);
   Adhesive Trap (Drosera / Drosophyllum / Pinguicula / Roridula / Byblis / Ibicella / 
   Proboscidea); Special Feature 2 (European Pinguicula); Pitfall Trap (Nepenthes / 
   Cephalotus / Sarracenia / Darlingtonia / Heliamphora / Brocchinia / Catopsis / 
   Paepalanthus); Flow-Aided Suction Trap (Genlisea); Special Feature 3 (CPs in Japan,
   Habitat and Preservation); Index; English translation of photograph captions.
   Review CPN 32(4), 2003, p. 100 by Barry Rice: "This volume is essentially a large
   album of photographs, showcasing hundreds of images... The great majority of the photographs
   are extremely high quality."
Insectivorous Plant Society (Ed.) "Hana Album, Shokuchu shokubutsu, Shurui
     to saibai" (Flower Album, Insectivorous Plants, Species and
     Cultivation). Seibundo Shinkosha, Tokyo, 1996. ISBN 4416496001,
     paperback + color dust jacket, JPY 2800.
   Descr.: in Japanese, 170 pp., 317 color photos (80 p.). All carnivorous
   plants introduced and cultivated in Japan (203 species) are shown in
   color photos including those of their habitats, close-ups of flowers
   and traps.  The text (84 p.) contains information on cultivation of each
   genus. J.Schlauer (Nov. 1996): "Several species of cps are featured here
   with colour photographs for the first time, and most (all?) pictures are
   originals which were not published previously. The value of the book
   therefore rivals that of "The Carnivorous Plants of the World in Colour"
   by M. & K. Kondo in many respects." Mistakes: p.4. P.hemiepiphytica for P.
   colimensis, p.23 U.graminifolia for U.reticulata, p.55 D.kaieteurensis
   for D.arenicola, p.? D.collinsiae for D.burkeana, p.67 D.petiolaris
   'Kununurra' is now named D.ordensis, p.? probably D.hirticalyx for
   D.sessilifolia. Review CPN 26(1), 1997, p.16-17 by Jan Schlauer.

Insectivorous Plant Society: "Shokuchu shokubutsu, Fushigi na miryoku"
     (Insectivorous Plants, their mysterious charm). Seibundo Shinkosha, Tokyo, 
     1979. No ISBN, paperback + color dust jacket, JPY 1.400.
   Descr.: in Japanese, 199 pp., 106 color photos, many B&W photos,
     drawings and 5 maps. ?

Janarthanam, M.K. and Henry, A.N.: "Bladderworts of India". Series: Flora of
     India, Vol.4; Botanical Survey of India, Coimbatore, 1992. No ISBN, paperback,
     USD 24.00.
   Descr.: 144 p., one two-sided color plate (10 photos), 35 p. with line
   drawings. From the contents: Introduction (22 p.): The area of study, Species and
   infra-specific taxa reported from the area, Present work; Observations and
   discussions; Morphology and variations; Ecology; Phytogeography, Endemism,
   Chromosomes, Pollen, Characters used in the key, Taxa recognised in the work;
   Systematic treatment (97 p.); Selected bibliography (10 p.); Index to collectors 
   (9 p.); Index to genera, species and infra-specific taxa (4 p.). This
   comprehensive monograph on Indian Utricularia species describes 35 species.

Jebb, Matthew: "An Account of Nepenthes in New Guinea". Science in New
     Guinea, Vol. 17, No. 1, The University of Papua New Guinea, 1991.
     ISSN 3104303, soft cover.
   Descr.: 48 pp., 30 full-page drawings, some maps. An important article -
   botanical text in nature with a key and descriptions of 11 species (N.
   ampullaria, N.mirabilis, N.maxima, N.neoguineensis, N.papuana, N.insignis,
   N.paniculata, N.klosii, N.treubiana, N.veillardii + 1 new sp. (?)),
   architecture, morphology & ecology of Nepenthes, an identification guide
   to these species, a very interesting description of the contents of 52
   pitchers (of 20 plants). Review CPN 21(4), 1992, p.108-9 by M.Cheek:
   "Anyone interested in any aspect of Nepenthes is urged to get and read
   this work."

Jebb, Matthew and Cheek, Martin: "A Skeletal Revision of Nepenthes
     (Nepenthaceae)". Blumea Vol. 42, No.1, 1997. ISSN ?, soft cover.
   Descr.: 106 pp., 6 full-page drawings, 1 table. An article treating the
   85 taxa recognised in the world, of which 6 are newly described and
   illustrated. Keys to all species of Malesia. Introductory pages on ecology,
   taxonomy, phylogeny, etc. Index of species names, References. Based on
   collaborative work by both authors since 1984, largely on herbarium
   specimens, but including fieldwork in New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia,
   Singapore and Madagascar. Excellent work for all Nepenthes lovers.
   Review CPN 27(3), 1998, p.75 by Jan Schlauer: "The paper is a must for all
   interested serioulsy in the taxonomy of Nepenthes... However, several
   debatable points have to be clarified previous to the completition of the
   Flora Malesiana account."

Jebb, Matthew and Cheek, Martin: "Nepenthaceae". Flora Malesiana - Series 1 
     (Seed Plants), Vol. 15; Nationaal Herbarium Nederland, Leiden, Netherlands, 
     2001. ISSN ?, softcover, EUR 34.00.
   Descr.: 164 pp., 1 color photograph, 19 line drawings. An up-to-date overview 
   of this family, fully treating the Malesian species, of which many are illustrated 
   by line drawings of habit and morphological details, often full-page. Regional keys,
   based largely on non-floral characters, are given for the identifcation of species.
   For each species full references, synonymy, descriptions, ecology, distribution, 
   notes on diagnostic characters and relationships with other species are presented.
   Species are arranged alphabetically and an index to scientific plant names is given.
   The introductory part consists of chapters on distribution, fossils, habitat and 
   ecology, reproductive biology, morphology and anatomy, pitcher function, 
   cytotaxonomy, conservation, taxonomy, uses, collecting notes and spot characters.

Jenkins, Martin:  "Fly Traps: Plants that Bite Back". Series: Read and
     Wonder; Candlewick Press, Cambridge, Massachussets, 1996. ISBN
     1564028968, hardcover, USD 15.99.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 28 pp., color cartoon drawings, no photos.
   Describes the habitat and physical of various insect-eating plants.
   It has an index. Midwest Book Review: "A blend of comic illustration and
   the first person explore a child's first introduction to carnivorous
   plants. Kids in early to middle elementary grade levels receive a 'read
   and wonder' title which holds no color photos; but which includes plenty
   of science wrapped in humorous overtones for easier digestion."

Jezek, Zdenek: "Masozrave rostliny" (Carnivorous Plants). Cesky zahradkarsky
     svaz, nakladatelstvi KVET, 1997. (2nd ed., 2002). ISBN 8085362279, color
     soft cover, CSK 49 (about USD 2.00).
   Descr.: in Czech, 64 pp. + 8 p. of plates, 22 color photos, 16 drawings.
   The contents: Intro; What the CPs are (2 p.); The most important principles
   of growing CPs (1 p.); Space for growing CPs (4 p.); CPs with pitchers
   (18 p.); CPs catching prey with sticky leaves (17 p.); CPs with spring
   traps (6 p.); CPs with bladders (6 p.); Organisations of CP growers (3 p.
   incl. a short bibliography and a list of some domestic and foreign
   suppliers). Quite a good booklet concentrating mainly on tips for growing
   CPs. Showed D.affinis is in fact D.adelae. Review CPN 27(2), 1998, p. 62 by
   Ivo Koudela.
Johnson, Rebecca L.: "Carnivorous plants". Lerner Publications, Minneapolis, 2007.
     ISBN 0822565633, hardcover?, ???
   Descr.: to be published in March, 2007
   From the contents:
   Introduction (1 p.), Green Predators(4 p.), A World of Hungry Plants (4 p.),
   When a Leaf is Not a Leaf (5 p.), Passive Traps: Sticky Pads and Pitfalls (9 p.)
   Tricky Traps that Move (10 p.), Life Cycles (4 p.), Carnivorous Plants and People
   (4 p.), Glossary, Index, About the Author.

Jolivet, Pierre: "Les Plantes Carnivores" (Carnivorous Plants). Editions du Rocher,
     Monaco, 1987. ISBN 226800595X, ? cover, FRF 35.
   Descr.: in French, 126 p. ?

Joseph, J.and Joseph, K.M.: "Insectivorous Plants of Khasi and Jaintia Hills,
     Meghalaya, India, a preliminary survey". Botanical Survey of India,
     Calcutta, 1986. No ISBN, paperback, Rs 44.00 (USD 9.00).
   Descr.: 42 pp. with 19 full-page plates (3 B&W photos, numerous detailed
   line drawings). Gives a short survey on 13 CP species in this part of India:
   N.khasiana, D.burmanii, D.peltata, U.gibba (referred to as U.khasiana),
   U.stellaris, U.hirta (referred to as U.tayloriana), U.pubescens, U. stanfieldii,
   U.bifida, U.scandens, U.caerulea, U.striatula and U. furcellata. Keys to the
   described plants, description of habitat, plant anatomy, flowering, location,
   distribution, altitude... Index and bibliography. Review CPN 18(2), 1989, p.43
   by E.Taniguchi.

Juniper, Barrie Edward; Robins, Richard J. and Joel, Daniel M.: "The
     Carnivorous Plants". Academic Press, London or San Diego, 1989. ISBN
     0123921708, hardcover + color dust jacket, USD 161.00.
   Descr.: XII + 353 pp., 170 figures (B&W photos, diagrams, maps and line
   drawings), 28 tables. Contents: Preface; Glossary, Abbreviations;
   Introduction: The syndrome and the habitat (46 p.); Attraction and
   trapping (80 p.); Nutrition and digestion (100 p.) Phytochemical aspects
   (22 p.); Exploitation and mutualism (40 p.); Evolution (28 p.); Appendices
   (6 p.); References (27 p.), Index. Very good research work on cytology
   and chemistry of CPs, but riddled with errors on other matters. This is
   not a book for a casual CPer, rather it is intended for the biochemist.
   (Barry M.-R.)  Review CPN 18/2 (1989) p.55-57 by D.E.Schnell.

Kako, Satoshi: "Kimi ha tanukimo wo shitte iru ka? - Shokuchu shokubutsu to 
     bokutachi no kankei" (?). Komine Shoten, Tokyo, 1999. ISBN 4338161027, 
     paperback?, JPY ?.
   Descr.: in Japanese, juvenile literature, ?. An introduction to carnivorous 
   plants for young children well illustrated with drawings. The origin of Japanese 
   common names is explained with humour. 

Kasahara, Kazuhiro: "Shokuchu shokubutsu no kyoi" (Prodigies of Insectivorous
     Plants).  Shakai-shisosha, 1964. No ISBN, ?, JPY 240.
   Descr.: in Japanese, 242 pp., 8 color pages, numerous B&W photographs. ???
   Japanese carnivorous plant book classic. Covers all genera of carnivorous plants. 
   A very interesting and informative book on various aspects of carnivorous plants. 

Kiat, Tan Wee and Sabrielo, Amy: "Jack & the Carnivorous Pitcher Plant". Landline
     Books, Singapore, 2000. ISBN ?, hardcover ?, ?.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, ? pp., ?, crossword, board game. The story itself 
   is all about being absorbed. Young readers will learn about Nepenthes, about 
   CPs cultivation, environmental protection and also a bit about the history of 
   Singapore and geology.

Kite, L. Patricia: "Insect-Eating Plants". Millbrook Press, Brookfield,
     Conn., 1995. ISBN 1562945629, hardcover, USD 15.90.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 61 pp., 25 excellent color photographs
   covering all CP genera plus color covers. An intelligently written book with
   chapters: Flesh-eating Plants; A Snap Trip: The Venus Flytrap; Pitfall
   Traps: North American Pitcher Plants; Cobra Plants; The Butterworts;
   A Flypaper Trap: The Sundew; Mousetrap Plants: The Bladderworts; Nepenthes:
   Tropical Pitcher Plants; Insects That Like Carnivorous Plants; Carnivorous
   Plant Survival; Growing Carnivorous Plants; Glossary; Find Out More About
   Insect Eating Plants; Index. A good introductory book. Review CPN 24(3),
   1995, p.94.

Komiya, Sadashi: "Kansatsu to saibai, Shokuchu shokubutsu zukan" (Carnivorous
     Plants, Observation and Cultivation). Asahi Sonorama, Tokyo, 1978.
     No ISBN, hardcover + color dust jacket, JPY 680.
   Descr.: in Japanese, 158 pp., 51 color photos, 240 B&W photos,
   27 drawings and 4 maps.  ?

Komiya, Sadashi: "Shokuchu shokubutsu, Sono fushigi wo saguru" (Insectivorous 
     Plants, searching the mystery). Shokken-jigyo Shuppan, Tokyo, 1994. No ISBN
     (publ. at author's expense), paperback + color dust jacket, JPY 2300
     (incl.postage in Japan).
   Descr.: in Japanese, 106 pp., 2 color (on a dust jacket) + 85 B&W photos,
   43 drawings, 9 tables, 7 maps. Chapters on history CPs in literature
   (8 p.), CP habitats (13 p.), mechanism of traps (41 p.), evolution of
   CPs (12 p.), cultivation (6 p.). Useful addresses, bibliography (4 p.),
   CP list + dividing CP genera into subgenera. Drawings are excellent.
   About one third of photos are SEM microphotographs of various parts of
   CPs and are really wonderful.
   Written by Sadashi Komiya, president of the Insectivorous Plant Society, 
   Japan, to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the birth of the society 
   (of which Komiya is a founding member). In the Japanese literature, this 
   book offers the definitive description and summary of the latest research 
   on carnivorous plants, including historical development, taxonomy, and 
   evolution. Professor Komiya is one of the first and foremost authorities 
   on the subject of carnivorous plants in Japan.

Komiya, Sadashi and Shimizu, Kiyoshi: "Shokuchu shokubutsu, Saibai to
     kansatsu jikken" (Examination Notes on Carnivorous Plants). Series:
     GreenBooks, No.36; New-Science-Sha, Tokyo, 1978. ISBN 4821600366, paperback
     + dust jacket, JPY 650.
   Descr.: in Japanese, 90 pp., ?

Kondo, Masahiro and Kondo Katsuhiko: "Shokuchu shokubutsu, Nyushu kara
     saibai made" (Carnivorous Plants - ???). Bunken Shuppan, Tokyo, 1972. 
     No ISBN, hardcover + color dust jacket, JPY 1.300.
   Descr.: in Japanese, 292 pp., 200 color photos, many B&W photos and
   drawings. A comprehensive cultivation guide of various carnivorous plants.

Kondo, Katsuhiko and Kondo, Masahiro: "Genshoku Shokuchu shokubutsu"
     (Carnivorous Plants of the World in Colour). Ie-no-hikari Kyokai,
     Tokyo, 1983. ISBN 4259535498, paperback + color dust jacket and
     plastic cover, JPY 1700 (about USD 12.00).
   Descr.: in Japanese with an English introduction to CPs (8 p.), 232 pp.,
   336 color + 10 B&W photos, 2 plates of microphotographs (8 photos), 
   1 plate of line drawings. Incl. English intorduction to CPs (217-224),
   Japanese (228-230) and English (225-227) index and bibliography.
   Excellent resource for the photos - usually 1-4 per page, some of which
   are however incorrectly identified:
    p.14 top right D.walyunga for D.androsacea, bottom not D.androsacea
    p.23 D.orbiculata for D.bulbosa
    p.26 top left probably D.pauciflora for D.cistiflora
    p.29 D.barbigera (former D.drummondii)
    p.30 top right probably not D.erythrorhiza
    p.44 right column D.helodes for D.leucoblasta
    p.50 right not D.miniata
    p.55 (bottom left) D.dichrosepala for D.paleacea
    p.58 probably D.dilato-petiolaris for D.petiolaris
    p.59 D.macrantha (former D. planchonii) ?
    p.61 D.hyperostigma for D.platystigma
    p.64 top right D.citrina for D.pycnoblasta
    p.78 D.subhirtella ssp.moorei for D.sulphurea
    p.80 left bottom D.praefolia (former D.whittakeri ssp.praefolia)
    p.79 D.villosa ?
    p.107 N.macfarlanei ?
    p.110 N.fusca for N.maxima
    p.113 N.ovata for N.pectinata
    ? p.  N. sp.nova ? for N.petiolata
    p.139 P.hemiepiphytica for P.colimensis
    p.142 P.hirtiflora for P.agnata
    p.157 U.bisquamata (former U.capensis)
    p.160 U.novae-zealandiae for U.dichotoma
    p.161 U.benthamii for U.inaequalis (former U.benthamii)
    p.161 U.nova-zealandiae for U.monanthos
    p.170 U.reniformis for U.nephrophylla
    p.182 bottom left: U.inaequalis for U.volubilis
    p.184 U.multifida (former Polypompholyx multifida)

Kurata, Shigeo: "Nepenthes of Mt. Kinabalu". Sabah National Park Trustees,
     Sabah National Park Publication No.2, Kota Kinabalu, 1976. No ISBN ,
     paperback, USD 23.00.
   Descr.: 80 pp., 27 color and B&W plates (31 color + 11 B&W photos, 1 table,
   1 map, 6 drawings). From the contents: General aspect of the genus
   (distribution, origin, digestion process, habitats, uses etc.); Nepenthes of
   Mt.Kinabalu (describes 15 + 1 unnamed sp., 3 hybrids); Botanical terms
   ilustrated; References. An excellent reference work on Nepenthes on this
   mountain and Nepenthes in general, although it is too short.

Labat, Jean-Jacques and Starosta, Paul: "L'Univers des Plantes Carnivores"
     (The World of Carnivorous Plants). Editions DuMay, Paris, 1993. ISBN
     290645074X, hardcover + color dust jacket, FRF 320.
   Descr.: in French, 140 pp., 111 color/18 B&W photos, 1 table. From the
   contents: Introduction (3 p.), Photographic inventory (113 p. of photos
   incl.effective close-ups), each remaining page is devoted to one CP genus
   (description, species, habitat life cycle, detailed growing tips), a list
   of species, glossary, addresses of CP societies and sources, limited
   bibliography, a couple of errors: p.67 - not N.maxima (perhaps N.x dyeriana,
   p.77 - not N.truncata. Review by D.E.Schnell CPN 24(2), 1995, p.53-4.
   Excellent photos!

Labat, Jean-Jacques: "Le monde fabuleux des plantes carnivores" (A wonderful 
     world of carnivorous plants). Series: L'Ami des Jardins et de la Maison;
     Editions ADJ S.A.S, France, 2002. ISBN ???, hardcover, ???.
   Descr.: in French, 83 pp., ???

Labat, Jean-Jacques: "Plantes carnivores - Comment les choisir et les cultiver 
     facilement" (Carnivorous Plants - How to Choose and Grow Easily). 
     Les Editions Eugen Ulmer, Paris, France, 2000. ISBN 284138134X, paperback,
     FRF 18.00. (following ed. Les Editions Eugen Ulmer, Paris, France, 2002;???)
     Also in German: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen - auswaehlen und pflegen",
     Eugen Ulmer, Germany, 2003. ISBN 3800135825, paperback, EUR 10.20.
   Descr.: in French or in German, 96 pp., 133 color photos. ???

Landau, Elaine: "Carnivorous plants". Children's Press, New York, NY, USA, 1992. 
     ISBN 0516956442, paperback, ???.
   Descr.: ???.

Lecoufle, Marcel: "Carnivorous Plants - Care and Cultivation". Blandford,
     London or New York, N.Y., 1990. ISBN 0713721855, hardcover, USD 29.95.
     (originally in French: "Comment Choisier et Cultiver vos Plantes
     Carnivores", Editions Bordas, Paris, 1989, ISBN 2040184570, FRF 230;
     following ed. Cassell, London, 1993, ISBN 0304343307, paperback, USD 17.95).
   Descr.: 144 pp., 152 color photos, 22 B&W + 4 color drawings, 4 maps,
   a few tables. Chapters: Part I: General principle - CPs: an introduction
   (8 p.); Capture and absorption of prey (4 p.); General principles of
   cultivation (11 p.); Part II: Traps and flowers (16 p. of nice photos);
   Part III: Principal species in cultivation (104 p. describing 35 species);
   CP list; Glossary; Bibliography; CP societies. Filled with a vast number
   of errors - not worth it if you're looking for correct information, but
   photographs are very good.
Lecoufle, Marcel: "Plantes Carnivores" (Carnivorous Plants). Series: Connaître 
     et cultiver; Artemis, France, 2006. ISBN 2844164692, paperback, EUR 18.00.
   Descr.: in French, 127 pp., ???

Lerner, Carol: "Pitcher Plants: the Elegant Insect Traps". William Morrow
     & Co., NY, 1983. ISBN 0688017177, hardcover, USD 12.95 or 0688017185,
     paperback, USD 11.00.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 63 + 1 pp., 15 B&W + 8 color drawings, 1 map.
   Contents: Plants of Prey (2 p.); Pitcher Plants: Where they grow (5 p.);
   The pitcher leaf (9 p.); Some leaf variations (3 p.); Pitcher flowers
   (11 p.); Prey and Parasites: The victims (2 p.); The plunderers (7 p.);
   A special relationship (7 p.); Epilogue (4 p.); Glossary (2 p.);
   Collections of pitcher plants open to the public (2 p.); Index.
   A children's book on Sarracenia with a nice discussion of habitat, anatomy,
   and pollination. No information on cultivation. Review CPN 12/2 (1983)
   p.53 by D.E.Schnell: "This superb little book ... should be in every CP
   enthusiast's library. ". See also CPN 19(1&2), 1990, p.32-40.

Lloyd, Francis E.: "Carnivorous Plants". Series: New series of plant
     science books, Vol. 9; Chronica Botanica Company, Waltham,
     Massachusets, 1942. No ISBN, hardcover, USD 7.95 (following ed. Dover
     Publications, NY, 1976, ISBN 0486233219?, paperback, USD 4.50; Peter
     Smith Publ., Inc., 1987, ISBN 084465485X, hardcover USD 16.00).
   Descr.: XVI + 352 pp. (11 figures in text, 38 B&W plates), much
   information on anatomy, histology and early experiments with digestion.
   A very good book with extended references and index. Together with Darwin
   should be in a library of every CP botanically founded enthusiast.
   (Juniper et al.)

Lloyd, Francis E.: "Presidential Address; The Carnivorous Plants - A Review with
     Contributions". Ser.:  Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, Third
     Series, Vol. XXVII, Appendix A. Ottawa, 1933. No ISBN, paperback.
   Descr.: 67 pp. (with 19 drawings) + XVI B&W plates, bibliography. It is
   a speech of the president of the Royal Society of Canada summarizing
   knowledge of CP known at that time.

Louveaux, Jean: "Plantes Carnivores et Vegetaux Hostiles" (Carnivorous Plants
     and dangerous vegetation). Series: L'Aventure de la vie, Vol. X; Hachette,
     Paris, 1965. No ISBN, hardcover.
   Descr.: in French, 108 pp. (40 p. devoted to CPs), 15 color/87 B&W photos
   of which 8 color/23 B&W are of CP), describes many CPs (40 p.) as well as
   poisonous plants. From the contents: Armes blanches (Defences); Cadeaux
   empoisonnes; Pieges vivants (Living Traps). Simple text aimed at broad
   audience. The photos are not identified by species and are of moderate
   quality at best. They show Drosera, Pinguicula, Nepenthes, Sarracenia,
   Darlingtonia, Dionaea and Utricularia.

Lowrie, Allen: "Carnivorous Plants of Australia" Vol. 1. University of Western
     Australia Press, Nedlands, W.A., 1987. ISBN 0855642548, hardcover, AUD 
     27.50 or 085564253X, paperback, AUD 21.00.
   Descr.: XXVI + 202 pp., 133 colour photos, 51 drawings, 47 range maps.
   From the contents: Preface, the grouping and dichotomous keys to most of
   tuberous sundews, detailed botanical description of 46 species of erect,
   climbing, rosetted and fan-leaved tuberous sundews, glossary, bibliography,
   index. An excellent book. Review CPN 17(1), 1987, p.27

Lowrie, Allen: "Carnivorous Plants of Australia" Vol. 2. University of Western
     Australia Press, Nedlands, W.A., 1989. ISBN 0855642998 hardcover, AUD 
     27.50 or 0855643005, paperback, AUD 21.00.
   Descr.: XXXVIII + 202 pp., 172 colour photos, 45 drawings, 46 range maps.
   From the contents: Preface, the dichotomous key to pygmy sundews and their
   gemmae, description of life cycle of pygmies, their habitats and natural
   hybrids, botanical description of 40 pygmies + 2 non-pygmy, non-tuberous
   droseras + 3 tuberous droseras. The same format as Vol. 1. In the light
   of new discovers there are some old names, field names... (e.g. shown D.
   rechingeri is D.citrina, D.coolamon is D.rechingeri.). Review CPN 19(1&2),
   1990, p. 49-50 by D.E.Schnell, CPN 19(3&4), 1990, p.? by M.Cheek.
   Highly recommended.

Lowrie, Allen: "Carnivorous Plants of Australia" Vol. 3. University of Western
     Australia Press, Nedlands, W.A., 1999. ISBN 1875560599, hardcover, AUD 49.95.
   Descr.: 288 pp., 340 color photographs, 57 line drawings and 57 location
   maps. From the contents: Preface, Acknowledgements, Photographs,
   Illustrations (how they were made); Glossary; Corrections and validated names
   (for Vol. 1 & 2), Trapping methods, Perennial tropical Drosera (4 p. of text
   on habitat, climate, Drosera petiolaris complex, dormancy, growth, flowering
   and new species]; Key to Groups of plants in Volumes 1,2 and 3 (10 p.,
   covering tuberous Drosera; pygmy Drosera; perennial tropical Drosera;
   miscellaneous other Drosera; Utricularia; Byblis); Setocoris species - the
   sundew bugs (3 p. of text); Habitats (8 p.); Description of species (235 p.,
   Utricularia, Aldrovanda, Cephalotus, Drosera, Byblis and Nepenthes
   (mirabilis)); Bibliography (4 p.); Index (to all three volumes, 4 p.). Final
   volume of the series. An excellent book! Review CPN 28 (3), 1999, p. 98 by 
   Barry Rice: "If you are interested at all in Australian carnivorous
   plants, you should buy this book!"

Macfarlane, John Muirhead: "Cephalotaceae". In Engler, Adolf (ed.): Das
     Pflanzenreich, IV.116, Heft 47, Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig und Berlin,
     1911. No ISBN, hardcover (repr. in 1991, Bishen Singh Mahendra Palsingh, India,
   Descr.: in Latin with English introduction, 15 pp., 4 drawings.

Macfarlane, John Muirhead: "Nepenthaceae". In Engler, Adolf (ed.): Das
     Pflanzenreich, IV.111, Heft 36, Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig und Berlin,
     1908. No ISBN, hardcover (reprinted ?, 199?, ISBN 3768220362, hardcover,
     DEM 30.00; repr. in 1991, Bishen Singh Mahendra Palsingh, India, paperback).
   Descr.: 95 pp., in Latin with English introduction (26 p.), 19 drawings.
   Description and a Latin key to 58 species, about 75 hybrids.

Macfarlane, John Muirhead: "Sarraceniaceae". In Engler, Adolf (ed.): Das
     Pflanzenreich, IV.110, Heft 34, Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig und Berlin,
     1908. No ISBN, hardcover (reprinted ?, 19??, ISBN 3768220346, hardcover,
     DEM 15.00; repr. in 1991, Bishen Singh Mahendra Palsingh, India, paperback).
   Descr.: 43 pp., in Latin with English introduction (24 p.), 10 drawings,
   1 B&W photo. Description of Darlingtonia, Heliamphora nutans, 7 species of
   Sarracenia (but S.leucophylla is referred as S.Drummondii, S.alata as
   S.Sledgei) and about 30 Sarracenia hybrids.

Mak, Harry Chi-King: "Photo album of air and carnivorous plants in color
     including orchids and other ornamental plants". ? 1996. ISBN ?,
     softcover, USD 48.00.
  Descr.: in English and Chinese, xxxiii + 248 pp, 666 color plates. Section B,
  Carnivorous Plants (pp. 33-61) is illustrated with 4 nice color photos of CPs
  per page. Under each photo is the plant's family, scientific latin name with
  variety, synonym, origin, and common name. There is also a cultivation code
  which lists: growth form, special features, propagation, light, watering,
  temperature, soil, growth habit, horticultural value, and note. There are
  appendices, bibliography, plant societies listing, and indices. CPs included
  are: Byblis, Cephalotus, Dionaea, Drosera, Pinguicula, Utricularia,
  Nepenthes, Darlingtonia, Sarracenia, Heliamphora, and Genlisea. In the
  beginning of the book (pp. xxiv-xxix) there is a section about CPs with:
  Classification of CPs, Trapping Methods, Cultural Requirements, Pests &
  Diseases, Uses of CPs (medical), and info about hybrids. A good book.

Margalef, Ramon: "Plantas Carnivoras" (Carnivorous plants). Editorial Seix
     Barral, Barcelona, Spain, 1950. No ISBN, ? cover.
  Descr.: in Spanish, 80 pp., ? drawings.

McPherson, Stewart: "Pitcher Plants of the Americas". The McDonald & Woodward 
     Publishing Company, Blacksburg, Virginia, and Granville, Ohio, 2006. 
     ISBN 0939923742, paperback, GBP 24.99 or 0939923750, hardcover, GBP 29.99.
  Descr.: VIII + 320 pp., 202 color photographs, 3 tables, 29 maps, 15 drawings.
  From the contents: Acknowledgements, Introduction (10 p.), Carnivorous Plants
  (8 p.), The american pitcher plants and their evolution (14 p.), Brocchinia (20 p.),
  Catopsis (12 p.), Darlingtonia (22 p.), Heliamphora (90 p.), Sarracenia (90 p.), 
  Habitat loss and the threat of extinction (22 p.), Cultivation and horticulture
  (1 p.), Glossary, Appendix: Conversion tables, Bibliography, About the author,
  Image credits, Index.
  From the publisher's info:
  This book presents the most extensive general review of the pitcher plants of the 
  Americas yet undertaken -- it is a substantive overview of the systematics, biology,
  ecology, biogeography, and conservation of the five genera of American pitcher plants.
  Here is information about some 45 species, hybrids, and cultivars, consolidated and 
  presented in detail, along with more than 200 spectacular color photographs. This beautiful 
  and informative study of these alluring plants will be appreciated by a wide audience of 
  naturalists, botanists, ecologists, biogeographers, resource managers, and horticulturalists 
  - among others!

Members of Aldrovanda Conservation & Propagation: "Mujinamo, ???" (Aldrovanda and 
     its habitat). Hanyu-City Education Committee, Hanyu-City, Japan, 1982. ISBN ?,
     ?, ?.
  Descr.: in Japanese, 354 pp., ?. 
  "Mujinamo", as it is known in Japan, Aldrovanda vesiculosa was first discovered in Hanyu 
  City in 1920. Named Japan Natural Monument in 1966, a designation given to rare and 
  precious natural species, its natural habitat was placed under protection from development 
  and destruction. Alas, in 1968, a heavy precipitation that hit the area caused the total 
  annihilation of the plants from the natural habitat. In 1974, one-year environmental study 
  was conducted, elucidating the possible causes of Aldrovanda extinction. In response to this 
  report, Aldrovanda Conservation and Restoration Research Team was formed in 1976 comprising 
  scholars from various academic disciplines. This report, "Aldrovanda and Its Habitat", is 
  the final outcome of their comprehensive and painstaking research from the view point of 
  biology, chemistry and geology conducted conducted during the years 1976-1982 in Hanyu 
  City, Japan
Melano, Olivier: "Attention plantes carnivores" (Beware, carnivorous plants). L'Ecole
     des Loisirs, France, 1996.  ISBN 2211039383, FRF 74.00.
  Descr.: juvenile literature, 32 pp., ?
Nelson, E. Charles: "Venus's Flytrap-Aphrodite's Mousetrap". Boethius
     Press, Aberystwyth, Wales, 1990. ISBN 0863141765, ? cover, ?
  Descr.: 145 pp., a very interesting and hilarious book with facsimiles of an
  original pamphlet and the manuscripts of John Ellis. No CP information in it
  other than historical aspects of VFTs. 12 p. of references. Review CPN 24(2),
  1991 p.124 by D.E.Schnell.

Nielsen, Nancy J.: "Carnivorous Plants". Series: A first book; Franklin Watts,
     1992. ISBN 053120056-6, hardcover, USD 18.43 or ISBN 0531156443, paperback,
     USD 5.95.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 64 pp., 26 color photos (mostly close-ups).
   Describes various plants that prey on animals, including Venus Fly Trap,
   bladderwort, and pitcher plant. Index, bibliography. This book is not an
   update to a work by J.F.Waters.

Nihon Kaki Engei Kyokai: "Shin-Kaki, No.57"(???) Takii Shubyou K.K., Japan, 
     1968. No ISBN, softcover, JPY 250.
   Descr.: in Japanese, 86 pp., ??. A special issue of a horticultural journal
   dedicated to insectivorous plants. Various travelogues abroad and many botanical 
   as well as horticultural articles provided valuable information on carnivorous 
   plants in general.

Nothhelfer, Ingo: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen - Insektivoren" (Carnivorous
     plants - insectivores). Spreyer, Eigenverlag des Autors. ISBN ?,
     ? cover, DEM 6.00
   Descr.: in German, 65 pp., 28 B&W pictures (2nd class). a cheap old
   brochure, rather intended for the customers of the author's nursery
   than for serious readers.

Ohlenrott, Gordon: "Carnivorous Plants Total Listing". ??? Triffid Park, Australia, 
     1999. Rev.ed. 2001, 2003. No ISBN?, softcover with spiral bound, AUD 20 within Australia, 
     AUD 25 overseas.
   Descr.: 103 pages.
   Complete list and correct spelling of all known carnivorous plants. 
Oikawa, Tetsuya: "Muyuso" (Nepenthes - the Grief Vanishing). Series: Jungle
     Books; Parco Co., Japan, 1992. ISBN 4891943092, hardcover, 2.000 JPY.
   Descr.: in Japanese, 66 pp., a few color drawings, 72 color photos of
   Nepenthes in their natural habitats (species: N.ampullaria,
   N.bicalcarata, N.edwardsiana, N.eymai, N.fusca, N.gracilis, N.lowii,
   N.maxima, N.merrilliana, N.mirabilis, N.northiana, N.rafflesiana,
   N.rajah, N.reinwardtiana, N.stenophylla, N.tentaculata, N.villosa,
   N.x kinabaluensis), 1 to 9 photos of each mentioned species, information
   on morphology and functions of Nepenthes. The photos are so beautiful
   that at least Nepenthes enthusiasts should have this book.

Overbeck, Cynthia: "Carnivorous Plants". (Adapted from Kiyoshi Shimizu:
     Shokuchu Shokubutsu (1977)). A Lerner natural science book, Lerner
     Publications Co., Minneapolis, 1982. ISBN 0822595354, paperback, USD 5.95
     (following ed. Lerner Pub., Minneapolis, 1989, ISBN 0822514702,
     hardcover, USD 7.95).
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 48 pp., excellent 54 color photos. No info
   on cultivation, no scientific names, no chapter headings. Describes
   Venus flytrap, sundew, pitcher plant, and bladderwort, and explains
   how active and passive traps work. Review CPN 19(1&2), 1990, p.32-40;
   CPN 28 (3), 1999, p. 91 by Barry Rice: "In summary, look for 
   a copy and consider buying it for its great illustrations."

Pascoe, Elaine: "Carnivorous Plants". Series: Nature close-up; Blackbirch Press,
     2004. ISBN 1410303098, hardcover, USD 23.70.
    Descr.: juvenile literature, 48 pp., ?. ?

Pascoe, Elaine: "How & Why: Plants Eat Insects". Creative Teaching Press, 
     Huntington Beach, CA, USA, 2000. ISBN 1574716670, paperback (stapled), 
     USD 2.99.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 16 pp., 14 color photos.
   It describes how Sarracenia, sundews, Venus flytrap and bladderworts
   catch their prey.

Pascoe, Elaine: "Plants Eat Insects". Gareth Stevens Audio, USA, 2002. ISBN 
     0836830113, hardcover, USD 19.93.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 24 pp., ?

Pasek, Kamil: "Masozrave rostliny - Podrobny navod k pestovani" (Carnivorous Plants -
     Detailed growing instructions). Series: Ceska zahrada; Grada, Prague, 
     Czech Republic, 2006. ISBN 8024712490, softcover, CZK 98.00.
   Descr.: in Czech, 116 pp., 19 drawings, 100 photographs. Contents: Introduction,
   Carnivorous plants growing instructions (the genera are treated in alphabetical order,
   large genera are divided into chapters, included are also Ibicella, Proboscidea and 
   Roridula, Triphyophyllum is exluded); Several practical tips in conclusion; 
   Index of Latin botanical names. An excellent book mainly on growing CPs both for
   novice and expert.

Pike, Katy: "Plants that bite back". Series: The real deal; Chelsea House Publishers, 
     Northborough, MA, 2005. ISBN 0791084299, ???, ???.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 32 pp., ???

Perugi, Alessandra; Cardellicchio, Riccardo and Malvolti, Alberto: "Rugiada 
     del sole" (Sundews).Il Valico, Florence, Italy, 2001. ISBN 8890025603, 
     paperback, EUR 7.75. 
   Descr.: in Italian, 128 pp., 4 color photos, 1 B&W drawing. A taxonomic 
   monograph about Drosera rotundifolia var. corsica. Contents: Drosera 
   rotundifolia var. corsica: records about an endemic Drosera found ten years 
   ago near Fucecchio in the Cerbaie bog (Florence, Italy). Morphology and 
   biology of Drosera rotundifolia; Medical property of Drosera rotundifolia. 
   History of creation of Cerbaie bog. Note: this variety is not widely accepted.

Pesty, Jean-Paul: "Plantes carnivores: Découvrez le monde fascinant des" 
     (Carnivorous Plants: ???). 
     Series: Petits pratiques; Hachette, Paris, France, 2005. ISBN 2016209615, 
     paperback, EUR 5.50.
   Descr.: in French, 62 pp., ???
Phillipps, Anthea and Lamb, Anthony: "Pitcher - Plants of Borneo".
     Natural History Publications (Borneo) Sdn. Bhd., Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,
     Malaysia, 1996. ISBN 983812009X, hardcover + color dust jacket (with
     a watercolour painting & a photo), RM 80.00.
   Descr.: X + 171 pp, 1 B&W + 18 color photos, 31 B&W drawings + 38
   watercolour paintings, 2 maps. Describes 32 + 1 new sp. of Nepenthes +
   7 hybrids found in the island of Borneo. Chapters: Discovery and History
   (28 p.); The Pitcher-plant (14 p.); Ecology and Natural History (13 p.);
   Pitcher-plants in Folklore (5 p.); The Bornean Species and Selected Hybrids;
   (96 p.) + Glossary; Bibliography (7 p.) and Index. Error: picture and
   description of N.stenophylla (p.136-138) show N.fallax. Review CPN 27(2),
   1998, p.53 by Jan Schlauer: "The book is a nice addition to the collection
   of any Nepenthes amateur bibliophile but it cannot be recommended for
   scientific purposes."

Phillipps, Anthea and Lamb, Anthony: "Pitcher - Plants of East Malaysia
     and Brunei". Nature Malaysiana Vol. 13, No. 4, 1988. ISSN 01255318,
     soft cover, USD 2.50.
   Descr.: 20 pp., 80 color photos + a photo on cover. Although this is
   only an article, it is so important and nice that is included here.
   It is divided into sections: List of species (25 sp.); Biology (a general
   description of a Nepenthes, relationships Nepenthes and insects); Uses;
   The species (the distribution of 25 sp., their characteristics +
   interesting notes on soil etc.); References. Especially photos are

Pietropaolo, James and Pietropaolo, Patricia Ann.: "The World of Carnivorous
     Plants". R.J.Stoneridge, Shortsville, N.Y., 1974. ISBN 7478287, soft
     cover, USD 6.30.
   Descr.: 128 pp., 58 B&W photos, a short informative booklet dealing mainly
   with North American CPs including some weird anecdots and some more
   worthwhile experiments comparing growing environments (light, soil,... ).
   A short review CPN 3(3), 1974, p.42.

Pietropaolo, James and Pietropaolo, Patricia Ann.: "Carnivorous Plants of the
     World". Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, 1986. ISBN 0881920665, hardcover,
     USD 30.30 or ISBN 0881923567, paperback, USD 22.95. 2nd ed. 1996.
   Descr.: 206 pp., 57 color photos, 63 line drawings, it is an enlarged
   edition of their previous work, 10 p. intro, 114 p. describing various
   CP genera and species, 28 p. on cultivation, 22 p. about pests & diseases,
   propagation, hybridization and about 10 p. of various appendices (CP
   sources, societies, references, index etc.), a very good book. It seems
   P.vulgaris (plate 5-1, 5-4) is rather P. grandiflora.

Platt, Richard: "Plants Bite Back". Series: Eyewitness Readers, Level 3;
     (1 Am. edition) Dorling Kindersley, 1999. ISBN 078944755X, hardcover, USD 12.95
     or Dk Pub Merchandise, 1999. ISBN 0789447541, paperback, USD 3.95.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 32 pp., ?

Podbielkowski, Zbigniew: "Rosliny Owadozerne" (Carnivorous Plants). Panstwowe
     Zaklady Wydawnictw Szkolnych, Warszawa, Poland, 1956. No ISBN ?, paperback,
     ? (2nd ed. 1961, 3rd ed. 1967).
   Descr.: in Polish, 55 pp., 27 drawings. The book concentrates on
   descriptions of traps, although brief desriptions of whole plants are also
   given (incl.13 species recognized by the author which occur in Poland).
   Each chapter (1-7 p.) is devoted to a genus of CPs. Carnivorous fungi (1 p.)
   are mentioned too. References. A booklet very good for beginners.

Poole, Lynn and Poole, Gray Johnson: "Insect-Eating Plants". Thomas Y.
     Crowell Co., NY, 1963. ISBN 0690440529, hardcover, USD 4.50.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, VII+ 87 + 1 pp., 25 B&W drawings. Includes
   instructions for maintaining a terrarium, a sample from a plant watching
   journal, and a list of sources. See also CPN 19(1&2) 1990, p.32-40.

Prince, Jack Harvey: "Plants that Eat Animals". Thomas Nelson, Publishers,
     Nashville, 1979, ISBN 0840765991, hardcover?, USD 6.95 or E.P.Dutton, 1979,
     ISBN 0525665994, hardcover, USD 8.95.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 92 pp., B&W drawings and photos
   (unimpressive). Includes bibliography and index. Discusses life processess
   of several types of CPs, includes instructions for cultivating. See also
   CPN 19(1&2), 1990, p.32-40.

Prior, Sophia: "Carnivorous Plants and "the Man-Eating Tree"". Field
     Museum of natural history, Chicago, 1939. ISBN ?, ? cover
   Descr.: 20 pp. + 8 plates, ?

Rahn, Joan Elma: "Traps & Lures in the Living World". Atheneum, N.Y., 1980.
     ISBN 0689307667, hardcover, USD 8.95.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, VII + 94 pp., B&W drawings and photos.
   A very good book for children, no information on cultivation, scientific
   names used very occasionally.

Rice, Barry A.: "Growing Carnivorous Plants". Timber Press, Timber Press, 
     Portland, Oregon, 2006 (or "The Complete Growers's Guide to Carnivorous Plants", 
     Reader's Digest, Australia or Briza Press, South Africa). ISBN 0881928070, 
     hardcover, USD 39.95.
   Descr.: 224 pp., 329 color photos.
   Contents: History of humans and carnivorous plants, Natural history, Murder methods,
   Aldrovanda, Byblis, Cephalotus, Darlingtonia, Dionaea, Drosera, Drosophyllum, Genlisea,
   Heliamphora, Nepenthes, Pinguicula, Sarracenia, Utricularia, Other carnivores and 
   not-so-carnivores, Philosophy of cultivation, Settings for cultivation, Advanced 
   cultivation, Field trips, Conservation, A glossary and bibliography.
Romanowski, Nick: "Gardening With Carnivores - Sarracenia Pitcher Plants In 
     Cultivation & In The Wild". University of New South Wales Press Ltd., 
     Australia, 2002. ISBN 0868404527, ? , USD 29.95.
   Descr.: 107 pp., ?. From the contents: Acknowledgements, Introduction, Names 
   and pronunciation; Part 1: Sarracenia in the wild; History, habitat and function;
   The species; Part 2: Sarracenia in cultivation; From icy garden to cool greenhouse;
   Hybrids and hybridising; Part 3: Sarracenia as cut 'flowers'; Commercial pitcher 
   production; Return estimates for cut pitcher production; Worldwide contacts;
   Bibliography; Index. Review CPN 31(2), 2002, p.60 by Barry Rice: "the book's greatest
   failing is in its incorrect explanation and usage of cultivar names. ... These
   criticisms aside, I recommend the purchase of this book for those interested in the
   cultivation of Sarracenia..."

Rondeau, J. Hawkeye: "Carnivorous Plants of California". Edited by
     author: J.Hawkeye Rondeau PhD, 37 Sunnyslope Avenue, San Jose, CA
     95127 USA, 1991. No ISBN, spiral bound W/plastic cover, USD 14.50.
   Descr.: 51 pp., 6 color photos, 3 drawings, 3 maps, a description and
   distribution of CPs in California (D.anglica, D.rotundifolia, D.x obovata,
   P.vulgaris, P.macroceras, U.gibba, U.intermedia, U.minor, U.macrorhiza,
   U.ochroleuca and Darlingtonia californica). Review CPN 21(3), 1992, p.79

Rondeau, J. Hawkeye: "Carnivorous Plants of the West, Volume II: California,
     Oregon and Washington". Edited by the author: J.Hawkeye Rondeau PhD,
     37 Sunnyslope Avenue, San Jose, CA 95127 USA, 1995. No ISBN, spiral
     bound w/plastic cover, USD 16.00 + 3.00 S&H inside US.
   Descr.: 82 pp., 7 color photos, some B&W drawings and range maps. Chapters:
   Introduction; Droseraceae; Lentibulariaceae (BTW, here is a Latin
   description of P. macroceras ssp. nortensis (ssp. nova)) ; Sarraceniae;
   Exotics. Extended references (24 p). It is a scientifically oriented
   botanical book, an update and geographical expansion of his previous book.
   Not a book with advices for CP growers. Review CPN 24(4), 1995, p.113

Roqez, Léon: "Plantes Carnivores" (Carnivorous Plants). Series: Carnets de nature, 
     Vol.83; Milan Eds, France, 2001. ISBN 2745904043, hardcover?, EUR 5.80.
   Descr.: in French, juvenile literature, 32 pp., color illustrations, ???

Salmon, Bruce: "Carnivorous Plants of New Zealand". Ecosphere Publications, 
     Auckland, New Zealand, 2002. ISBN 047308032X, soft cover with flaps, 
     NZD 64.95.
   Descr.: 304 pp., 12 botanical line drawings, approx. 140 color photos.
   Chapters: Climate, Habitats, Dispersal, Conservation, Cultivation, Field Trips...
   This excellent book deals only with New Zealand CP's. Review CPN 31(4), 2002,
   p. 108 by Barry Rice: "Basically, I love this book!... Carnivorous plant
   enthusiasts must absolutely buy this book."

Schnell, Donald E.: "Carnivorous Plants of the United States and Canada".
     John F. Blair, Publisher, Winston-Salem, NC, 1976. ISBN 0910244901, 
     hardcover + color dust jacket, USD 9.50. (2nd rev.ed. 2002, Timber Press, 
     Portland, Oregon, ISBN 0881925403, hardcover, USD 39.95)
   Descr.: 1st ed. - IX + 125 pp., 116 color photos, 7 drawings, 25 maps. Chapters: 
   CPs - introduction (15 p.); VFT (6 p.); The Eastern North American pitcher
   plants (30 p.); The California pitcher plant (4 p.); The sundews (15 p.);
   The butterworts (12 p.); The bladderworts (13 p.); Growing North American
   CPs (18 p., notes on field collection); Additional Reading; Glossary;
   Derivation of scientific names; Index. The species are described in great
   detail including key. A wonderful book which can be recommended to
   2nd ed. - 468 pp., 200 color photos, 7 line drawings, 27 maps. Chapters:
   Preface (4 p.); CPs: An introduction (68 p.); Venus Flytrap (18 p.);
   Eastern North American pitcher plants (130 p.); California pitcher plants
   (14 p.); Sundews (45 p.); Butterworts (54 p.); Bladderworts (63 p.); Other
   possible carnivorous seed plants (15 p.); Conservation issues (27 p.);
   Appendix: Metric conversions (1 p.); Glossary (16 p.); Bibliography (19 p.);
   Index of plant names (6 p.). An excellent book which should not be missing
   in any CPer's library. Review CPN 31(3), 2002, p.75-76 by David O. Gray:
   "... it should be on every bookshlef of those concerned with carnivorous

Schulz, Bruno: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen". Series: Die neue Brehnm
     Buecherei; A.Ziehmsen Verlag, Wittenberg Lutherstadt, 1965. ISBN ?,
     ? cover (2nd. ed. Westarp Wissenschaften, Germany, 2005. ISBN 3894325054,
     softcover, EUR 19.95.
   Descr.: in German, 112 pp., 53 B&W? photos. Describes the CP-phenomenon, no
   horticulture, no full description of the species.
   2nd ed. in German, 112 pp.

Schwartz, Randall: "Carnivorous Plants". Praeger Publishers, NY, 1974.
     ISBN 027551580X, hardcover, USD 6.95; Avon Books, 1975, ISBN 0380005182,
     hardcover, ? or 0380269892, paperback, USD 1.25.
   Descr.: 128 pp., B&W photos. Includes bibliography. Filled with lots of
   mistakes (e.g. D.schizandra and tropical butterworts should be exposed
   to full sun or high-mineral tap water will not affect CPs)

Shikata, Kinji: "Shokuchu-shokubutsu, jitsuyo-hyakka-jiten" (Insectivorous
     Plants, Encyclopedia for Practical Use). Shakai-shisosha, 1962. No ISBN, ?
   Descr.: in Japanese, ?

Shimizu, Denkichi: "Mushi o taberu shokubutsu" (Plants That Eat Insects).
     Koseisha, Japan, 1956. No ISBN ?, ?
   Descr.: in Japanese, ?

Shimizu, Kiyoshi: "Hae-tori-gusa" (Venus's Flytrap). Iwasaki Shoten, Japan, 1981.
     No ISBN ?, ?, JPY 1100 .
   Descr.: in Japanese, 40 pp., ???

Shimizu, Kiyoshi: "Shokuchu shokubutsu no himitsu" (The Mystery of
     Carnivorous Plants). Akane Shobou, Tokyo, 1972. No ISBN, hardcover +
     color paper box, JPY 650 (2nd ed.1977).
   Descr.: in Japanese, juvenile literature, 54 pp., 57 color photos. ?
   A carnivorous plant book filled with excellent pictures by Shimizu, 
   targeted at younger audience.

Shimizu Kiyoshi: "Shokuchu shokubutsu no himitsu - kagaku no arubamu 19" (?).
     Akane shobou, Tokyo, 2000. ISBN 4251033191, paperback ?, JPY ?.
   Descr.: in Japanese, ?. This book is an introduction to the main genus 
   of carnivorous plants and especially their way to catch preys. It is well 
   illustrated with numerous good photos and a map of Japan with localisation 
   of the plants. 

Shimizu, Kiyoshi: "Shokuchu-shokubutsu, Shimizu Kiyoshi shashin-shu"
     (Insectivorous Plants, Photo Album by Kiyoshi Shimizu). Seibundo
     Shinkosha, 1966. No ISBN, ?, JPY 2500.
   Descr.: in Japanese, 154 pp., ???. This is a photography book by an 
   expresident of the Insectivorous Plant Society, Japan. Presented are 
   astonishing images of carnivorous plants captured in the eyes of a nature 

Shivas, Roger G.: "Pitcher Plants of Peninsular Malaysia & Singapore".
     Maruzen Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore, 1984. ISBN 9971954168, paperback,
     USD 10.50.
   Descr.: 58 pp., 21 color plates, 6 B&W plates, chapters on general biology
   of Nepenthes, a key, description of 12 species, their distribution and
   hybrids, cultivation notes. Review CPN 13(2), 1984, p.55.

Simons, Paul (editor): "Meat-eating Plants". Croxley Green: Carnivorous Plant 
     Society, 1982. No ISBN ?, paperback, ?
   Descr.: 12 pp., ?

Simons, Paul (editor): "A Guide to Carnivorous Plants". Croxley Green:
     Carnivorous Plant Society, 1984. No ISBN ?, paperback, ?
   Descr.: 16 pp., ?

Simpson, R. B.: "Pitchers in Trade: a Conservation Review of the Genera
     Sarracenia, Darlingtonia and Heliamphora". Kew conservation review
     Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 1994.  ISBN 0947643656, paperback with
     staples, GBP 6.00.
   Descr.: 61 pp., a very few B&W line drawings, ? maps. Contents:
   Aknowledgements; Introduction; The genus Sarracenia (about two p. on each
   species, sub-species and form); Genus Darlingtonia (3 pages); Genus
   Heliamphora (3 pages); References and Annexes (Sarracenia key, checklist
   of Sarracenia species, description of IUCN Red Data Book categories,
   Proposed new IUCN criteria, US Conservation and Protection Status,
   Definition of Artificial Propagation, a key to Heliamphora); Glossary.
   Review CPN 28(3), 1999, p. 94 by Barry Rice: "This booklet is far
   too ambitious. ...the result is unsatisfying."

Slack, Adrian: "Carnivorous Plants". Ebury Press, London, 1979, ISBN
     0262191865, hard cover, USD 13.95 (following ed. MIT Press, Cambridge,
     Massachusets, 1980 and 2000, ISBN 0262690896, paperback, USD 13.95 or ISBN
     0262191865, hard cover, USD 30.00; Dorset, England, 1981; rev. ed. Alpha
     Books, London, 1988, ISBN 0713630795; [rev. ed.] Marston House Publishers,
     paperback,USD 24.95, 2000, ISBN 1899296131; also in German [rev. ed.]:
     "Karnivoren - Biologie und Kultur der Insektenfangenden Pflanzen", Eugen
     Ulmer, Stuttgart, 1985, ISBN 3800161583, DEM 108 [rev. ed.]; in Dutch:
     "Vleesetende Planten", Het Spectrum, Utrecht, 1981, ISBN 9027498075,
     paperback, 208 pp.). 
   Descr.: 240 pp., 16 color + 105 B&W photos, about 50 drawings. Revised
   edition: 270 pp., 16 color + 106 B&W photos, 70 drawings. Chapters:
   Part I: Description: The CPs:An introduction (10 p.); The pitcher plants
   of continental America (54 p.); The tropical pitcher plants (14 p.);
   The West Australian pitcher plant (3 p.); Genlisea (3 p.); The passive
   flypapers (8 p.); The active flypapers (52 p.); The spring traps (10 p.);
   The bladder traps (22 p.); II: Cultivation - 45 p. + 3 appendices
   (Raising Sarracenia, hybrids, Triphyophyllum, Nepenthes horticultural
   hybrids); Bibliography & References; List of Supplies; Glossary; Index.
   One of basic books on CPs, D.E.Schnell said in 1985 "It is the best
   general survey book for a popular audience published to date. It
   contains a detailed section on cultivation, a list of sources, and
   a helpful glossary."

Slack, Adrian: "Insect-Eating Plants and How to Grow Them". Alpha Books,
     London, 1986. ISBN 090667042X, hard cover, ? or 0906670357, paperback,
     USD 9.95? (following ed. University of Washington Press, Seattle, 1988, ISBN
     0295966378, paperback, USD 19.95; also in French: "Les Plantes Carnivores:
     Comment les cultiver", Editions Diagone/Calmann-Levy, Paris, 1988, ISBN
   Descr.: 172 pp., Nomen est omen: The follow up of his first book takes
   reliably care of the cultural needs of the cultivated species and those
   which should be, alltogether treating about 200 species with short
   description and advice of an expert. His first book was great but with
   this one he wrote another most useful book which leaves almost no need
   for any other popular book. Includes references (2 p). The photo of U.
   neprophylla shows in fact U.reniformis in fact (p.126).

Smith, Francis, E.: "Carnivorous Plants". Peter Smith Publications, ?, 1976.
     ISBN: 084465485X, ? cover, ?.
   Descr.: ?
Souza, Dorothy M.: "Meat-Eating Plants". Series: Watts Library; Franklin Watts, 
     A Division of Scholastics Inc. USA, 2002. ISBN 0531162222, paperback, USD 8.95 
     or ISBN 0531119807, school & library binding, USD 24.00.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 64 pp., ?. From the contents: Survival (8 p.); Slippery
   Slides (10 p.); Sticky Platforms (10 p.); Quick Triggers (6 p.); One-Way Entrances
   (8 p.); Meat Eaters in Danger (5 p.); Glossary (2 p.); To Find Out More (3 p.); 
   A Note on Sources (2 p.); Index (3 p.).

Stefoff, Rebecca: "Flytrap". Series: Living Things, Group 3; Marshall
     Cavendish Corporation, Tarrytown, or Benchmark Books, New York, 1998.
     ISBN 0761404457, hardcover, USD 14.95 or USD 22.79.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 32 pp., 30 (excellent) large color photos, 6 color 
   drawings. Very low-level text briefly describes flytraps, sundews, butterworts,
   and other plants - where they grow, how they trap etc.

Stehli, Dr.Georg: "Pflanzen auf Insektenfang" (Plants hunting insects). Kosmos,
     Stuttgart, 1934. No ISBN, hardcover.
   Descr.: in German, 79 pp..  A unique old booklet because of being printed
   with Fraktur letters. Plants that catch animals including a few Aroids,
   Aristolochia, insectivorous fungi etc. are discussed.  Striking
   with its writing but convincing with some almost modern photos
   (including Heliamphora in culture). No cultural advice.

Studnicka, Miloslav: "Masozrave rostliny" (Carnivorous Plants). Series: Zivou
     prirodou; Academia, Praha, Czech Republic, 1984. ISBN 2111284, hardcover, 
     CZK 35.
   Descr.: in Czech, 152 + 12 pp., 81 color photos, 4 maps, 10 whole-page
   drawings. From the contents: 59 pages of description of various genera
   and species, 23 pages describing kinds of traps, their mechanisms and
   digestion of prey, chapters on cultivation, propagation, crossing, CP on
   agar soil carnivorous fungi. Includes references and Index. A very good
   book even though some statements are no longer valid. The photo of
   P.hirtiflora doesn't show this species.
Studnicka, Miloslav: "Masozrave rostliny: Objekt badatelu, dobrodruhu a snilku"  
    (Carnivorous Plants: The subject of researchers, adventurers and dreamers).
    Academia, Praha, Czech Republic, 2006. ISBN 8020014047, hardcover, CZK 395.
   Descr.: in Czech, 336 pp., ca 420 color photographs, ??.
   From the contents: ???
   An excellent book from a renowned CPers.

Suzuki, Yoshigoro: "Shokuchu shokubutsu, Torikata fuyashikata" (Insectivorous
     Plants). Kajima Shoten, Tokyo, 1957, (2nd ed. 1971). No ISBN, hardcover
     + plastic cover, 400 JPY.
   Descr.; in Japanese, 168 pp., 124 B&W photos. ?
   It describes basic cultivation and propagation techniques.

Svarc, David: "Masozrave rostliny" (Carnivorous Plants). Sursum, Tisnov, Czech 
     Republic, 2003. ISBN 8073230356, hardcover + color dust jacket, CZK 299.
   Descr.: in Czech, 184 pp. + XXVIII color plates, 251 color photographs, 17 maps,
   63 line drawings. From the contents: Preface, Introduction (6 p.), Overview of
   carnivorous genera (142 p.), Species growing in the Czech Republic (2 p.),
   Mutual relationships between carnivorous plants and animals (4 p.), Glossary,
   Taxonomy and biological nomenclature, Index, Bibliography. 
   The main part focuses on various aspects of each carnivorous plant genus (history,
   characteristics, habitats, distribution, notes on selected species, variability,
   crossing and growing. Treated also are Roridula, Ibicella, Proboscidea and 
   carnivorous fungi. A very good book with a well-aranged structure. Short review 
   CPN 35(1), 2006, p.10 by Jan Schlauer.

Swenson, Allan A.: "Cultivating Carnivorous Plants". Doubleday & Co., Garden
     City, New York, 1977. ISBN 0385111487, hardcover, USD 7.95.
   Descr.: 160 + XIII pp., 66 photos, 13 line-drawings. From the contents:
   12 p. on cultivation, 99 p. about various plants and genera including
   fungi, experiments with CPs, CPs on display. Includes index, bibliography.

Szesze, Michael: "Teachers Guide to Carnivorous Plants, Educational Aids".
     Edited by the author: Michael Szesze, P.O. Box 89, Stamford, CT 06905,
     USA, 1995?. No ISBN, staple bound, USD 10.00.    
   Descr.: 75 pp., ? drawings. Designed for students of all ages, contains
   hands-on activities including experiments, games puzzles, flip book...
   Also available is a CP educational board game Bugs in the Bog (USD 25.00).

Szesze, Michael: "An Activity Book for Carnivorous Plants". Edited by the
     author: Michael Szesze, P.O. Box 89, Stamford, CT 06905, USA, 1997. 
     No ISBN, Plastic spiral bound, USD 25.00.
   Descr.: 255 pp., 28 pages of drawings; 14 colored photos, sterograms,
   puzzles and cut-out activities; multi-colored heavy weight poster paper
   "Bugs in a Bog game" included. Designed for students of all ages,
   contains hands-on activities including experiments, games, Venus Flytrap
   flip book, propagation methods, lab experiments and stations, research
   projects, 53 pages devoted to the curriculum guide for teachers including
   lesson plans, goals, objectives, concepts, reference section, and an
   outline for a 45 day teaching unit... It is an updated and enlarged
   version of the author's previous book; excellent for all teachers and

Tan, Hugh T.W. (Ed.): "A Guide to Carnivorous Plants in Singapore". Singapore
     Science Centre, Singapore, 1997. ISBN 9810086296, softcover, SGUSD 5.15
     (about USD 3.60).
   Descr.: 176 pp., 175 color photos, 9 drawings, 3 tables, 1 map. From the
   contents: Introduction (10 p.); Native species and hybrids(80 p.); Exotic
   species (14 p.); Tropical pitcher plant ecology (46 p.); Conservation and
   Law (12 p.); References; Internet sources of information; Index. Covered are
   N.ampullaria, gracilis, rafflesiana, x hookeriana, x trichocarpa, x dominii
   /intermedia, U.aurea, bifida, caerulea, gibba, minutissima. A good book
   with a nice ecology chapter dealing with habitat, predators, prey, digestion
   and early succession in the pitcher-fluid, and pitcher fluid macrofauna
   of pitcher plants. Review PCN 26(4), 1997, p. ? by Jan Schlauer.

Taylor, Peter: "The Genus Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae) in Africa (South of the
     Sahara) and Madagascar".  Kew Bulletin Vol. 18 No. 1, Kew, England, 1964.
     ISSN ?, softcover
   Descr.:  245 + 3 pp.,  85 full page figures with multiple line drawings each.

Taylor, Peter: "The Genus Utricularia - A Taxonomic Monograph". Kew Bulletin
     Additional Series XIV, Royal Botanic Gardens, 1989 (reprinted in 1994).
     ISBN 0947643729 or 0112500463, paperback, USD 68.00.
   Descr.: 724 pp. (incl. 220 p. of line drawings and 8 halftone plates).
   An excellent monograph of bladderworts covering 214 recognized species,
   morphology and anatomy of the genus, splendid keys, complete bibliography
   and index... According to the review CPN 19(1&2), 1990, p.51-2 by D.E.
   Schnell "I can recommend this book without reservation, and it should be
   in the personal library of all serious CP students...", see also CPN
   20(1&2), 1991.

Taylor, Peter: "Lentibulariaceás". Flora Ilustrada Catarinense, Part I;
     Itajai, Santa Catarina, Brazil, 1980. ISBN ??, ??, ??.
   Descr.: in Portugese, 52 pp., 2 drawings, 10 maps. An account of the 13 
   species from this locality. ???

Temple, Paul: "Carnivorous Plants". Ser.: A Wisley Handbook, Cassell: Royal
     Horticultural Society, London, 1988 (printing 1989). ISBN 0304311456,
     paperback, USD 5.95.(rev. ed. 1993, ISBN 0304320641).
   Descr.: 64 pp., 40 color photos, 7 tables. Chapters: Introduction;
   What is a CP? (4 p.); Cultivation (13 p.); Growing outdoors (4 p.);
   Growing indoors (2 p.); Popular CPs (24 p.); Pests & diseases (5? p.);
   Sources of supply (4 p.); Index. One serious mistake - showed U.intermedia
   is U.ochroleuca. It's a very good book especially for beginners or intermediate
   growers. Review CPN 22(1&2), 1993, p.42 by D.E.Schnell.
Utz, Yves-André: "Les Plantes Carnivores" (Carnivorous Plants). Series: Découvrir 
    et réussir; Rustica, France, 2005. ISBN 2840385554, paperback, EUR 13.00
   Descr.: in French, 119 pp., ???
   The photographs by Jean-Jacques Labat.

Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society: "Guide to Growing Carnivorous Plants".
    VCPS, Australia, first published 1998. AUD 15.00
   Descr.: 58 pp., no pictures. A computer generated A4 size book with a lot of
   good information on growing CP's, general information, growing medias, genera
   and species, environment, cps in the wild, pests and control etc.

Wagner, Adolf: "Die Fleischfressenden Pflanzen" (Carnivorous Plants). Series:
     Aus Natur und Geisteswelt, No. 344; Teubner, Leipzig, 1911. No ISBN, ? cover.
   Descr.: in German, 128 pp., ?. Bibliography. A popular detailed description
   of the construction and living conditions of all CP known at that time.
Wakabayashi, Hiroshi: "Utricularia Forever". Published by author, 2000.
     No ISBN, hardcover with photo paper, JPY 4200 or simple cover with mat paper 
     JPY 1700.
   Descr.: in Japanese with plant names in English, 106 pp., 143 color photographs. 
   Self-made booklet consisting entirely of excellent images of Utricularia.

Waters, John Frederick: "Carnivorous Plants". Series: A first book; Franklin
     Watts, NY, 1974. ISBN 0531027007, hardcover, USD 4.90.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, VII + 60 + 1 pp., nicely ilustrated by B&W
   drawings, diagrams and photos. Includes bibliography, notice in CPN 4(1),
   1975, p.52 by D.E. Schnell and J.A.Mazrimas.

Watkins, John: "An Introduction to Carnivorous Plants". Carnivorous Plant
     Society, Croxley Green, England, 1979. ISBN ?, ? paperback, ?.
   Descr. 12 pp., ?. Bibliography

Wexler, Jerome: "Secrets of the Venus's Fly Trap". Dodd, Mead & Co., NY,
      1981. ISBN 0396079415, hardcover + color dust jacket, USD 6.95.
    Descr.: juvenile literature, 64 pp., 80 B&W photos. No scientific
    names, no page numbering, a very excellent book on Dionaea for children
    (details its growth, its reaction to various foods and how to care
    for them at home), review CPN 10(2?), 1981, p.82-3 by S.E.Williams, see
    also CPN 19(1&2), 1990, p.32-40.

Wexler, Jerome: "Sundew Stranglers: Plants that Eat Insects". Dutton
     Children's Books, NY, 1995. ISBN 0525452087, hardcover, USD 15.99.
   Descr.: juvenile literature 45 pp., ?. Describes what sundew plants are
   and how the digest prey. D.capensis illustrate. Review CPN 24(4), 1995,
   p.?: "A good book to give someone in the preteen years an introductory

Walcott, Mary Vaux: "Illustrations of North American Pitcherplants".
     Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., 1934. No ISBN.
   Descr.: IV + 34 pp., 10 maps, 15 color photolithographic plates from
   the original drawings, each accompanied by a leaf of descriptive text;
   all laid into a four-fold portfolio of gray linen backed in gilt-stamped
   black morocco seal on the front board, ribbon ties. Descriptions and notes
   on distribution by Edgar T. Wherry. Notes on insect associates by Frank
   Morton Jones.

Yamakawa, Gakusaburo: "Shokuchu shokubutsu" (Insectivorous Plants). Series:
     Color Books; Hoikusha, Osaka, Japan, 1978. ISBN 4586504463, paperback,
     JPY 620. (2nd ed. Tokyo, 1997, ISBN4586504463)
   Descr.: in Japanese, 152 pp., 63 color + 85 B&W photos, 20 drawings, 15
   maps. ?

Zoun, Martin: "Masozrave rostliny" (Carnivorous Plants). Computer Press, 
     Brno, Czech Republic, 2006. ISBN 8025109356, hardcover, CZK 169 (< USD 8.00).
   Descr.: in Czech, 84 pp., 235 color photographs, 6 drawings. 
   From the contents: Introduction; Some history (2 p.); Growing and propagation
   (13 p.); Catching prey (5 p.); Carnivorous plants from A to Z (55 p., genera and
   species descriptions etc.); Conclusions; Index; Bibliography. 
   The book is useful especially for beginners or intermediate growers. Some 
   photophraphs have strange violet tint, several are mislabelled but the most 
   photographs are very good.
no author: "Carnivorous Plants". Centre for life studies, Zoological Gardens,
     London, 1985. ISBN ?, ? cover, USD 2.50 incl. surface mail postage.
   Descr.: 57 pp., excellent line drawings. Intented as a school educational
   tool. From the contents: information on trap functions, methods of
   propagation, a discussion of horticulture and cultivation, a list of
   sources (of plant material and of educational materials including slides,
   books and VCR tapes). (One of) the best short introductions to CP, with all
   information needed for the beginning. Review CPN 16(3), 1987, p.88 by
   D.E.Schnell (the same one in CPN 17(2), 1988, p.40)

no author: "Carnivorous Plants". Ely: Ely Area Resource Organisation,
     A Botanic Garden guide, Cambridge University Botanic Garden, 1979.
     ISBN(?) 0904463575, paperback, GBP 0.70.
   Descr.: 16 p., ?, 1 map. Text by Kathryn Woodcock.

no author (?): "Hui dong de zhi wu" (Plants that can move). Series: Zhong
     Hua er tong zong he bai Ke, Vol. 13 (Chinese children encyclopedia); Zhong
     Wen Book Co. Ltd., Taiwan, 1987.
   Descr.: in Chinese (?), primarily for children, 31 pp., beautiful photos
   (?) and simple text both illustrate where CPs grow as well as their trap

Some other interesting books and other things which (at least partially)
deal with CP:

 Anastasio, Dina: "Fly Trap". Series: Eek Stories to make you shriek; Grosset
     & Dunlap, New York, 1997. ISBN 0448415828, hardcover, USD 13.95 or
     0448415577, paperback, USD 3.95 (also Demco Media, 1997, ISBN 060611338X,
     ?, USD 9.50).
    Descr.: CP fiction - a children's story, 48 pp., ?. A fly trap plant,
    a seemingly innocent birthday present from Aunt Sarah, becomes a problem
    when it develops a craving for larger forms of life. Don't waste your

 Bailey, Linda: "How Can a Frozen Detective Stay Hot on the Trail?" .
     Series: Stevie Diamond, No. 4; Albert Whitman & Co, 1996. ISBN 0807534013,
     paperback, USD 4.50 or ISBN 0807534005, hardcover, USD 13.95 (also Demco Media,
     1996, ISBN 0606103082, ?, USD 10.00).
    Descr.: CP fiction - a children's story. Misha, Jesse Kulniki's sixteen-year
    old uncle, has been accused of stealing carnivorous plants from the Carnivore
    Club that Misha recently had joined, and Jesse and Stevie Diamond must prove
    that he is innocent.
 Beau-Douezy, Jean-Philippe; Cambornac, Michel: "Neblina - of Mists and Scents".  
     Editions de La Martiniere, Paris, France, 1999. ISBN ?, hardcover with dust 
     jacket, EUR 45.00.
    Descr.: 143 pp., 4 B&W + 112 color photos, 10 color maps and diagrams, 5 color 
    drawings. The book about the recent French/American expedition to Neblina 
    tepui with gorgeous pictures (29 full-page and 19 double page 50x29cm photos!).
    7 pages are entirely devoted to carnivorous plants.

 Bonnivier, Gaston: "La Legende des Plantes Carnivores" (The Legend of
     Carnivorous Plants). No ISBN, 1908. ?
    Descr.: according to this book there are no CPs existing. ?

 Carow, Thomas: "The World of Carnivorous Plants". Calendar for 1999 year.
    Verlag Carow, Hohlweg 15b, 97720 Nuedlingen, Germany, 1998. ISBN 3980183920,
    staple bound, DEM 68.00.
   Descr.: in English (German translation of all the text is at the end of the
   calendar), A3 format, 13 double-sided sheets (33 x 50 cm), 63 color photos.
   Incredibly beautiful photographs of the author, Andreas Wistuba, Juerg
   Steiger, Lorenz Buetschi, Georg Benda and Don Schnell show not only CP
   themselves but also CP habitats. All the photographs are excellent! Review
   CPN 27(3), 1998, p.93 by Barry Rice: "(It is) filled with stunning
   images of carnivorous plants, their prey, associates, and habitats."

Clayton, Colin H.: "Sub-Carnivorous Plants in Australia". Triffid Park, Australia, 2005. 
   No ISBN?, softcover with spiral bound, AUD 35.00 within Australia, AUD 45.00 overseas.
  Descr.: 33 pages of text, ?? color photos. Describes in detail the sub-carnivorous plants
  of Australia and how to prove whether the plants are carnivorous or not.

 Collard, Sneed B.: "Tough terminators: twelve of the earth's most
    fascinating predators". Series: World of discovery; NorthWord Press,
    Minocqua, Wisc., 1994. ISBN 1559712236, USD 9.95.
   Descr.: a juvenile literature, 32 pp., ?col. maps, ? photos.
   Provides information about such predatory animals and plants as tigers,
   octopuses, ladybugs, and pitcher plants. Review from The Horn Book, Inc.:
   "The fascinating content and easy language of two nature books compensate
   for the amateurish illustrations. Difficult words are clearly defined,
   and pronunciation guides are included. Environmental concerns are
   discussed, and helpful organizations -- to which part of each book's
   cost is donated -- are listed at the end. Small but colorful photographs
   enhance the series."

 Cooke, M.C.: "Freaks and Marvels of Plant Life". Society for Promoting
    Christian Knowledge, London, no date (late XIX C.) Hardcover.
  Descr.: 463 pp., 97 B/W line art illustrations. 20 chapters. Pages 23-149 are
  all carnivorous plant content - chapter names are: II. The Sundews, III.
  Venus's Fly-Trap, IV. Side-Saddle Flowers [Sarracenias] V. Pitcher-Plants, VI.
  Minor Carnivora.  Picture of 'Nepenthes Chelsoni' on cover of book. Chapter VI
  includes Pinguicula and Utricularia, and cites experiments by Dr. Maxwell
  Masters on Christmas Rose (Helleborus niger) "in which he thinks he has
  discovered an indication, if not of persistent fly-catching, at least of a
  capacity to assimilate animal food."

 D'Amato, Peter: "Carnivorous Plants Growing Guide". California Carnivores,
    Forrestvile, California, 1994. No ISBN, paperbound, USD 3.00 incl.postage
    in the USA.
   Descr.: 26 pp., ?, Short informative guide on growing CPs. All about California
   Carnivores and the plants they sell.

 Doyle, Mycol: "Killer Plants: Venus Flytrap, Strangler Fig, and Other
    Predatory Plants". Lowell House, Los Angeles or Contemporary Books, Chicago,
    1993. ISBN 1565650565, paperback, USD 5.95 (CAUD 7.95).
   Descr.: juvenile literature, ?. Describes thirteen plants, such as the
   sundew, bladderwort, and mistletoe, that depend on the animal world or
   other plants for their nutrition. Includes references.

 Fortman, Janis L.: "Creatures of mystery". Contemporary Perspectives,
    New York or Raintree Steck-Vaughn  Publishers, Milwaukee, Wisc., 1977.
    ISBN 0817210636, hardcover, USD 24.26 or ISBN 0817221573, paperback, USD 6.95.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 48 pp., ? photos. Describes the curious behavior
   of salmon, lemmings, whales, caribou, and insectivorous plants.

 George, Uwe: "Inseln in der Zeit" (Islands in time). GEO im Verlag Gruner
    und Jahr, Hamburg, 1988. ISBN 3570062120, DEM 80.00, hardcover (repr. 1993, 
    1997, 365 pp., DM 98.00).
   Descr.: in German, 366 pp., ? photos. A book not written on CPs but
   about the lost world in Venezuela. Breathtaking pictures of tepuis.
   Here is a special chapter (p. 201-221) on the secret of sun pitchers,
   but Heliamphoras, Droseras and Utricularias appear throughout the book.
   Wonderful photos including some species of Heliamphora which have not
   been published yet.

 Graf, Alfred Byrd: "Exotica, series 4 international: pictorial
    cyclopedia of exotic plants from tropical and near-tropic regions".
    12th ed., East Rutherford, N.J.: Roehrs Co. Publishers, 1985.
    ISBN, hardcover.
   Descr.:    2 volumes (2576 p.), ?
   This book does not focus primarily on CPs but rather on several
   exotic plant species, although it does have excellent photos of many
   species of Nepenthes, Sarracenias, Droseras, Pinguiculas, as well as
   Dionaea, Cephalotus, Roridula gorgonias, Drosophyllum, Byblis,
   and a B&W photo of the traps of Genlisea repens.

 Graf, Alfred Byrd: "Hortica: color cyclopedia of garden flora in all climates
    - worldwide--and exotic plants indoors". 1st ed., East Rutherford, N.J.:
    Roehrs Co. Publishers, 1992. ISBN 0911266259, ?, ?
   Descr.: 1216 pp., ? drawings/photographs, ? maps. From the contents:
   Exotic plants indoors; Orchids-queen of flowers; Palms and palm-like; Ferns
   and their allies; Cacti and other succulents; Carnivores and other curios;
   Bulbs; corms and tubers; Climber and creepers; Water plants and near-aquatics;
   Perennials and annuals; Herbs and spices; Aquatics; Perennials and annuals;
   Herbs and spices; Grasses, bamboos, and grass-like; Coniferous shrubs and
   trees, Hedges-Topiary-Bonsai, Flowering shrubs and trees; Edible fruit,
   nuts, and gourmet vegetables.

Halpern, Monica: "Venus flytraps, bladderworts, and other wild and amazing 
     plants". Series: National Geographic science chapters; National Geographic, 
     Washington DC, 2006. ISBN 0792259572, hardcover ?, ???
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 40 pp., ???
   From the contents: Introduction, Plants Are Important (4 p.), Meat-Eating 
   Plants (16 p.), Poisonous Plants (8 p.), Amazing Plants (1 p.), Report Guide 
   (2 p.), Glossary, Further Reading, Index.
   The book deals with carnivorous plants and also poisonous plants.

Hitzbleck, Erich: "Elektrische Fische und fleischfressende Pflanzen -
    Gottes kleine Geheimnisse" (electric fish and carnivorous plants -
    god's little mysteries). Haenssler Verlag, TELOS-Praesente 02164, 2nd
    ed. 1989. ISBN 3775111964, paperback, DEM 14.80.
   Descr.: in German, juvenile literature, 100 pp., illustrations.

Hutchins, Ross E.: "Strange Plants and their Ways". Rand McNally & Co., 1958.
    No ISBN ?, hardcover, ?.
   Descr.: 96 pp., B&W photos throughout. Chapter 5 (pp. 41-51) 'Plant
   Cannibals' is about CPs. It covers venus flytrap, pitcher plants, sundew,
   and bladderwort. The rest of the book covers such things as mistletoe,
   slime mold, jumping beans, pollination methods, plant/insect inter-
   relationships, and dodder.

Kneidel, Sally Stenhouse: "Skunk Cabbage, Sundew Plants and Strangler Figs: And 
    18 More of the Strangest Plants on Earth". John Wiley & Sons, 2001. ISBN 
    0471357138, paperback, USD 12.95.
   Descr.: juvenile literature, 124 pp., ??.

Lorus J., Margery, Milne: "The Mystery of the Bog Forest". Dodd, Mead & Co.,
    1984. ISBN 039608318-8, hardcover, ?.
   Descr.: 127 pp., B&W photos throughout. Appendices, Index.
   Chapter 4, (pp. 72-88) 'Life in a Death Trap', and Chapter 5 (pp. 89-98)
   'Strange Plants Do Strange Things', are both about CPs. The rest of the book
   discusses how glaciers helped to form bogs, interrelationships of bog
   inhabitants, peat moss, and fossils in bogs. The CPs discussed are
   bladderwort, pitcher plants, sundews, venus fly traps; and they mention
   mosquito larvae and wasps who live in CPs. This book was probably geared for
   young adults.

Manning, John: "First Field Guide to Parasitic and Carnivorous Plants of Southern 
   Africa". Struik Publishers, South Africa, 2003. ISBN 1868728528, paperback, ZAR 34.00.
  Descr.: 55 pp., ? maps, ? photographs. 
  From the synopsis: Author explains how these unusual plants grow and reproduce, and why 
  they are dependent on other species in order to flourish. He outlines the methods of
  entry by parasitic plants into their host plants; and describes the most spectacular and 
  successful carnivorous plant varieties around the world. Species accounts show over
  40 parasitic and carnivorous plants that are more commonly found in southern Africa. 
  A distribution map and photograph accompany each species.

McPherson, Stewart: "Lost World". ???, 2007. ISBN ???, softcover GBP 24.99 or hardcover 
   GBP 29.99.
  Descr.: 250 pp., ???
  From the publisher's info:
  This book is intended to provide an overview of the natural history of these unique 
  mountains. The first chapters examine the remarkable story of discovery and exploration 
  of the Tepuis which spans 400 years continues to this day. The second half examines the 
  diversity of plants, animals and landscapes of the Tepuis and their management and 
  protection for the future.  

Okui, Shinji: "???" (Poisonous and insectivorous strange plants). Data House, Japan, 2003.
   ISBN 4887187254, ??, JPY 1800.
  Descr.: in Japanese, 268 pp., ???.

Ornduff, Robert: "Islands on Islands: Plant life on the Granite Outcrops
   of Western Australia". Lecture Number Fifteen, the University of Hawaii Press,
   Harold L. Lyon Arboretum, Honolulu, 1987. ISSN ?, ? cover, ?
  Descr.: 32 pp., B&W photos, description of habitats of D.gigantea, D.glanduligera,
  D.macrantha, D.menziesii, D.stolonifera ssp.stolonifera & ssp.rupicola, 
  D.subhirtella, Polypompholyx multifida, P.tenella, and U.violacea, a good booklet.
Rey, Hans Augusto: "Elizabite: Adventures of a Carnivorous Plant". Harper
   & brothers, NY, London, 1942 ISBN 000248963, hardcover, USD 17.00 (2nd ed.
   Linnet books, Hamden, Conn., 1990, ISBN 0208022880).
  Descr.: CP fiction, 32 pp., some drawings, a CP story in rhyme: an unusual
  Venus Flytrap bites everything in sight and finally wins fame by capturing
  a burglar.

 Rossi, Vinicio: "Piante Carnivore, Strane, Curiose" (Carnivorous, strange and
    curious plants). Sugarco, Milano, 1979. No ISBN, ? cover, ?
   Descr.: in Italian, 213 pp., ? photos. It deals not only with CPs but

   also with other 'curious' plants. ?

 Sekino, Yoshiharu: "Giana kochi" (The Lost World). Kodansha, Tokyo, Japan,
    1989. ISBN 4061003739, paperback + color dust jacket, 3.600 JPY.
   Descr.: in Japanese, 172 pp., 144 p. of color photos, 1 color + 2 B&W
   maps, 3 diagrams. 14 p. of description of tepuis. This is a book devoted
   to Venezuelan tepuis. It is divided into 7 parts: Angell Fall (13 p.),
   Auyan-tepui (50 p.), Roraima (50 p.), Neblina (20 p.), Plants of tepuis
   (10 p.), and history (14 p.). ? The photograps are really gorgeous!

 Steiner, Hugo: "Borneo: Its Mountains and Lowlands with their Pitcher Plants. 
    Trekking from 1992 to 2002".  Toihaan Publishing Company, Kota Kinabalu, 2002.
    ISBN 9834042116, hardcover + color dust jacket, USD 43.00.
   Descr.: VIII + 136 pp., 186 color photos, 3 maps, 6 tables, 3 graphs, 4 line drawings. 
   From the contents: Preface, Introduction, History of Pitcher Plants (18 p.), Approaches
   to Save the Endangered Pitcher Plants (2 p.), Biology of Pitcher Plants (6 p.), Ecology
   of Pitcher Plants (2 p.), The Nepenthes Species of Borneo (Geoographical Distribution - 5 p.),
   Description of Species - 1 p., The Pitcher Plants of Sabah and Sarawak - 73 p., Some
   Natural Hybrids - 16 p.), Epilogue, References (2 p.), Glossary, Acknowledgements, Index.
   The books discusses and depicts bornean Nepenthes including its habitats. Some of the photos
   are unfocused but most are nice. There does not seem to be anything new in the book, anyway
   it is a nice addition to the collection of Nepenthes lovers which will appeal general public 
   because it gives a simple approach to this family of plants. Review CPN 32(3), 2003, p.68
   by Siegfried R.H. Hartmeyer: "People looking for an interesting but not too technical
   or scientific work on Borneo and its pitcher plants would especialy benefit from
   this book."

 Steyermark, Julian Alfred, Berry, Paul E. and Holst, Bruce K.(ed.): "Flora of 
    the Venezuelan Guayana". Timber Press and the Missouri Botanical Garden, 
    since 1995. Volume 1: "Introduction", 1995; ISBN 0881923133. Volume 2: 
    "Pteridophytes, Spermatophytes (Acanthaceae - Araceae}", 1995; ISBN 
    0881923265. Volume 3: "Spermatophytes (Araliaceae- Cactaceae)", 1997; ISBN 
    0915279460. Volume 4: "Spermatophytes (Caesalpiniaceae-Ericaceae)", 1998; 
    ISBN 0915279525. Volume 5: "Spermatophytes (Eriocaulaceae - Lentibulariaceae)", 
    1999; ISBN 0915279711. Volume 6: "Spermatophytes (Liliaceae-Myrsinaceae)", 
    2001; ISBN 0915279819. Volume 7: "Spermatophytes (Myrtaceae-Plumbaginaceae)",
    2003; ISBN 093072313x. Volume 8: "Poaceae-Rubiaceae", 2004; ISBN 1930723369.
    Volume 9: "Rutaceae-Zygophyllaceae", 2005; ISBN 1930723474.
    All volumes hardcover, Vol.1 USD 52.95, Vol.2-6 USD 67.95, Vol.7-9 USD 85.00,
    map set USD 15.00.
   Descr.: Vol.1: XXII + 320 pp., 84 color/10 B&W photos, 51 line drawings, 2 maps, Index.
   Vol.2: XIV + 706 pp., 618 line drawings, Index. Vol.3: 774 pp., 628 line drawings, Index.
   Vol.4: 799 pp., 621 line drawings, Index. Vol.5: XVII + 833 pp., 707 line drawings. Vol.6:
   803 pp., 657 line drawings. Vol.7: 784 pp., 341 line drawings, 2 page illustrated glossary.
   Vol.8: ??? pp., 659 line drawings and endpaper maps. Map set: two maps 63 x 90 cm.
   Map Set: Vegetation and Topographical Maps of the Venezuelan Guayana. These two maps 
   are included with Volume 1 but can be also ordered separately. Two-map set professionally 
   folded to 16 x 22 cm.
   Vol.1 is an illustrated general introduction to the flora area, with chapters on geography,
   history of botanical exploration, vegetation types, conservation, and floristics and
   endemism. A newly developed key to the families of seed plants is provided, as well as 44
   pages of color plates and two oversized color maps showing topography and vegetation types
   in the flora area.    
   Vol.2 begins the alphabetical sequence of family treatments, first within the ferns and fern
   allies, then followed by the initial 11 families of seed plants (Acanthaceae to Araceae).
   The treatments are designed to facilitate identification of plants in the region by
   providing keys to the genera and species, full family and genus descriptions, and habit
   illustrations of over half the species treated. 1113 species treated.    
   Vol.3 contains families: Araliaceae, Arecaceae, Aristolochiaceae, Asclepiadaceae,
   Asteraceae, Balanophoraceae, Basellaceae, Begoniaceae, Bignoniaceae, Bixaceae, Bombacaceae,
   Boraginaceae, Brassicaceae, Bromeliaceae, Brunelliaceae, Burmanniaceae, Burseraceae,
   Buxaceae, Cabombaceae, and Cactaceae. 1285 species treated.    
   Vol.4 contains families: Caesalpiniaceae, Campanulaceae, Cannaceae, Capparaceae,
   Caprifoliaceae, Caricaceae, Caryocaraceae, Caryolphyllaceae, Cecropiaceae, Celastraceae,
   Chenopodiaceae, Chloranthaceae, Chrysobalanaceae, Clethraceae, Clusiaceae, Combretaceae,
   Commelinaceae, Connaraceae, Convolvulaceae, Costaceae, Crassulaceae, Cucurbitaceae,
   Cunoniaceae, Cuscutaceae, Cyclanthaceae, Cyperaceae, Cyrillaceae, Dichapetalaceae,
   Dilleniaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Droseraceae, Ebenaceae, Elaeocarpaceae, Eremolepidaceae,
   Ericaceae. 1329 species treated.    
   Vol. 5 continues the treatment of the Spermatophyte families alphabetically from
   Eriocaulaceae through Lentibulariaceae, a total of 29 families. The volume treats 270 genera
   and 1304 species, and includes 707 line drawings.    
   Vol. 6 contains families Liliaceae through Myrsinaceae, more than half of the 1,217 species
   treated is illustrated by one of more drawings per genus. 
   Vol. 7 treats Myrtaceae to Plumbaginaceae. This includes the largest family in the flora area,
   the Orchidaceae with 157 genera, 732 species, 341 drawings, a two-page illustrated glossary,
   and four color photos on the back dust jacket. 
   Vol.8 contains treatments of 17 families of seed plants, arranged alphabetically from Poaceae
   through Rubiaceae. Within those families are treated 244 genera and 1248 species. 
   In addition, the volume includes 659 line drawings and endpaper maps.  
   Vol. 9 is the final volume in the series. It includes families Rutaceae through Zygophyllaceae, 
   a total of 48 families. The book is illustrated with 503 black-and-white drawings, covering 
   over half of the 971 species and one or more per genus. 
   A great comprehensive work for anyone interested in the flora of this region.

Yamamoto, J., Fujikawa F, Nakamura, Y., Yazawa, N.: "Wandafuru purantsu bukku 2 - Saboten, 
    tanikushokubutsu, eapurantsu, shokuchu shokubutsu". Media Factory, Tokyo, 1998. 
    ISBN 4889915176, paperback?, JPY ?.
   Descr.: in Japanese, ?. A book about cacti, succulents, air plants and carnivorous plants.
   For CP's there is information about flowering, repoting and watering with a few photos. 

Yoshida, Akira: "Sekai no shokuchu shokubutsu to hushigi shokubutsu" (The world of 
    carnivorous plants and other mysterious plants), Seibido, Tokyo, 1997. ISBN 4415039464,
    paperback, JPY 1800. (following ed. 1999, ISBN 4415008410, hardcover, JPY ?).
   Descr.: in Japanese, juvenile literature, 207 pp. One chapter deals with carnivorous
   plants. Not very precise but easier to read, also the other plants are of interest.

 no author: "The Visual Dictionary of Plants". Series: Eyewitness visual
    dictionaries; Dorling Kindersley, New York, 1992. ISBN 1564580172,
    ? cover, ?.
   Descr.: 58 pp., ? photos, ?. The book has Darlingtonia on the cover,
   Sarracenia purpurea on p.7, and other CPs on p.54-55. The structures are
   tagged and they have micrograph of lobe of VFT, wall of pitcher of
   Nepenthes, and butterwort leaf, as well as a sequence of photos showing the
   development of modified leaf of cobra lily and nepenthes. Includes index.

Videos, Films, CD-ROMs and DVDs:

"Beautiful and Hungry - Carnivorous Plants" by Siegfried and Irmgard Hartmeyer.
    Hunting Veggies, Germany, 1994.
    Systems S-VHS(PAL) and VHS(PAL), (NTSC not available), DEM 55.00 incl.
    postage. Special price for both parts: DEM 70.00 incl.postage.
   Descr.: 90 minutes, shows plants growing in Singapore, Australia,
   Germany, Switzerland and Seychelles, mainly Nepenthes, Drosera and
   Cephalotus. Review - see part 2.

"Beautiful and Hungry - Carnivorous Plants, Part 2" by Siegfried and Irmgard Hartmeyer.
    Hunting Veggies, Germany, 1994.
    Systems S-VHS(PAL) and VHS(PAL), (NTSC not available!), DEM 55.00 incl.
    postage. Special price for both parts: DEM 70.00 incl.postage.
    Also as DVD, second edition, EUR 15.00.
   Descr.: in German and English, 80 minutes. Soundtrack by Billy Ebeling. 
   It is about northern Australia, its CPs and their associated insects. 
   Covers Kununurra Region, Beverley Springs, Darwin Region, and Far North 
   Queensland. Review CPN 28(4), 1999, p.115 by Barry Rice: "While both videos 
   have all the charm of home movies, the second is probably more interesting 
   to the dedicated CP grower."
   DVD - digitally remastered from S-VHS,
"Carnivorous Plants". Series: A Brayco Film, No. 149. Bray Screen Products,
    Inc., New York, NY, USA, 1924.
   Descr.: ? minutes, 35 mm film consisting of 33 B&W frames. Drawings,
   photographs, and text frames show the internal structure of the pitcher plant
   and explain how insects are cought and bsorbed by the plant.

"Carnivorous Plants". Moody Institute of Science, Los Angeles, California, 1955.
   Descr.: 10 minutes, 16 mm (sd ?) color film, with teaching guide. Uses
   photomicrography to show how nature has anticipated many human inventions in
   the intricate mechanisms by which such carnivorous North American plants as
   Venus's-flytrap, the sundew plant, and various pitcher plants trap their

"Carnivorous Plants". Cabisco Video, Baker & Taylor Video, 1990 or
    Cabisco Video, Carolina Biological Supply, Burlington, NC, 1992 (1995?)
    ISBN 6302278376, USD 69.99, VHS Tape.
   Descr.: 20 minutes. Examines the prey-catching mechanisms of pitcher
   plants, butterworts, sundews, Venus' flytraps, water wheel plants and
   bladderworts. Includes explanatory animation and close-up, slow-motion

"Carnivorous Plants". Series: Bio-Science. National Geographic Television,
   1998. ISBN 6304835779, USD 49.00. VHS tape.
  Descr.: ?, VHS Tape. It is told to be similar to "Carnivorous Plants" by
  Cabisco Video but better.

"Carnivorous Plants Videorecording". National Geographic Society,Washington,
   Descr.: 13 minutes. Teachers guide to plants which eat animals. Shows the
   characteristics of the Venus's flytrap, the sundew plant, the bladderwort
   and the pither plant.

"Death Trap". VHS video by Time-Life, 1989. Time-Life Video, 777 Duke
    Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. (Also as a videodisk "Death Trap", The
    Biology of Carnivorous Plants, VideoDiscovery, 55 min, USD 195,
   Descr.: 60 min., shown plants: Pinguicula, Nepenthes, Heliamphora,
   Cephalotus, detailed: Drosera, Utricularia, Dionaea, Aldrovanda,
   Sarracenia, unidentified bromeliad. Beautiful time-lapse photography
   of close-ups of growth and digestion. Discussed is a mechanism of trap
   closure, symbiotic relationships with insects, a probable evolution of
   CPs. Other 'peculiarities' are shown (mimosa, Roridulla). A nice video!

"Drosera: Snap-Tentacles and Runway Lights" by Siegfried and Irmgard Hartmeyer.
    Hunting Veggies, Germany, 2006. DVD, EUR 17.00.
  Descr.: in German and English, ???

"DVD Volume 1 - Gulf Coast Carnivorous Plants Populations". Jim Miller, Stratus 
   Sound & Vision, 2004. Available from the author:, 
   USD 49.95.
  Descr.: 90 minutes, ???. Review CPN 33(1), 2004 p. xx by Barry Rice.

"Einfuehrung in die Welt der Fleischfressenden Pflanzen" (Introduction to 
    the World of Carnivorous Plants). Georg Benda, Schmechtingstrasse 18, 
    D-44809 Bochum, Germany. Series: Fleischi CD 3, photo-CD, 1999. DEM 30 
    + postage. Special price (incl. postage) for two CDs DEM 50.00, three CDs DEM 70.00.
   Descr.: in German. 350 photographs in JPG format, HTML text. This CD supercedes 
   the "Fleischi CD 1" which is now only needed when you want to process the original 
   Kodak format in maximum resolution.

"Fleischfressende Pflanzen fuer das Freiland" (Carnivorous plants for outdoor
    cultivation). Georg Benda, Schmechtingstrasse 18, D-44809 Bochum, Germany.
    Series: Fleischi CD 1, photo-CD, 1997. DEM 30 + postage
   Descr.: in German, 100 photographs in Kodak-Photo-CD format, 20 in JPEG
   format, approx. 300 MB of information about CPs in WORD 7.0 format.

"Fleischfressende Pflanzen - Raritaeten aus der Pflanzenwelt" (Carnivorous plants -
    Rarities of the Plant Kingdom). Georg Benda, Schmechtingstrasse 18, D-44809 Bochum,
    Germany. Series: Fleischi CD 2, photo-CD, 1997. DEM 30 + postage. Special price 
    for 2 CDs: DEM 50.00 + postage.
   Descr.: in German and English, 153 photographs in Kodak-Photo-CD format, 651 MB of data.
   A CD full of pictures of CP's and short hints how to cultivate them, Shows Byblis (2), 
   Cephalotus (3), Darlingtonia (3), Drosophyllum (5), Heliamphora (10), Drosera (77), 
   Nepenthes (14), Pinguicula (16), Sarracenia (17) and Utricularia (6).

"Fleischfressende Pflanzen - Toedliche Fallen" (Carnivorous plants - deadly traps) 
    by Thomas Carow. ZDF-Video - Wissen auf Video, 1997, tape 2 of a three tape series
    "Naturzeit" [part 1: "Krokodile" (Crocodiles), part 3: "Libellen" (Dragonflies)]. 
    ISBN: 3896720236, DEM 39.95.
    Also as DVD entitled "Fleischfressende Pflanzen - Verlockende, Toedliche Fallen" 
    (Carnivorous plants - alluring, deadly traps) by Thomas Carow. Komplett Video, Germany,
    2005. ASIN B000BVLFL6, DVD region 2, format 4:3, EUR 21.98.
   Descr.: in German, 1 color tape, 45 min. An outstanding video showing various
   creatures living on/in CPs.
   DVD - in German, 45 min. DVD transcription of the VHS title.

"Fleischimania" by Siegfried and Irmgard Hartmeyer. Hunting Veggies, Germany, 2001. VHS(PAL) EUR 28.00, NTSC EUR 30.00 or DVD EUR 28.00 
    (all prices incl. airmail postage worldwide).
    Also as DVD entitled "Fleischimania - Carnivorous Plants in Down Under" by Sigfried 
    and Irmgard Hartmeyer. Hunting Veggies, ???. DVD, second edition. EUR 15.00.
  Descr.: German or English version, 60 minutes, The recording of the Australia tour
   in 2001 shows numerous plants and animals in their natural environments. 
   Highlights are impressive pictures of tuberous Drosera in New South Wales,
   Drosera schizandra on Mount Bartle Frere (QLD), and the story of the discovery of 
   Drosera hartmeyerorum in the Ord River region (Kimberley, WA). 
   DVD second edition - German or English version, ???

"A Hunting Veggies® cocktail" by Sigfried and Irmgard Hartmeyer.
   Hunting Veggies, Germany, 2004. DVD,EUR 17.00, ???
  Descr.: in German and English, ca. 50 minutes. Presents Aldrovanda and 
  Sarracenia in Switzerland, Drosera section Arachnopus beneath the microscope.
  An entertaining DVD featuring different CP topics.

"Insectivorous Plants" by Charles Darwin. CD-ROM, ???, 2003.
   Descr.: A facsimile of Darwin's famous work from 1875. Fully searchable text and hyperlinks.
"Insect Catchers Of The Bog Jungle". William Morehouse Harlow, ?, 1954.
   Descr.: 10 minutes, 16 mm kodachrome sd color film. A study of the pitcher
   plant, the sundew, and the Venus fly-trap --- three insect-devouring
   plants which are found in poorly drained ponds. Time-lapse photography
   shows the operation of their trapping mechanisms.

"Lost World's DVD". Jim Miller and Stewart McPherson, 2006. GBP 13.99, DVD, ???
   Descr.: 2 DVD discs, 120 minutes in total length.   
   From the publisher's info:
   Disk One features a fully narrated fifty minute photo overview documentary that examines 
   the formation of Mount Roraima and the unique plants, animals and landscapes of the Guiana 
   Highlands. Spectacular orchids, extraordinary carnivorous plants, ancient toads, bizarre 
   iridescent ferns are among the extraordinary wildlife that is documented in detail. 
   The magnificent landscapes of Mount Roraima including the Northern Labyrinth, The Valley of 
   the Crystals and the Jasper Creek of the lowlands are also featured. This spectacular disk 
   is narrated by Stewart McPherson. The narration of Disk One is prepared to be accessible and
   non-technical so that it can be understood and enjoyed by audiences.    
   Disk Two consists of three spectacular overview pieces: The first piece is entitled 'Forgotten 
   Lands' and consists of a sixty minute long breathtaking slide show of the most spectacular 
   scenes and wildlife of Mount Roraima and the Guiana Highlands set to an alluring, specially 
   composed sound track that was produced by celebrated composer Eric Genus. The second piece is 
   entitled 'The Guiana Highlands' and consists of a spectacular five minute photo overview set 
   to Eric Genus's master score 'The Lost Worlds'.The third piece is entitled 'Venezuela's Lost 
   Worlds - Roraima and the Guiana Highlands' and is a seven minute long video piece set to the 
   haunting melody of Eric Genus's moving track 'Plateaus in The Mist'.

"Nepenthes @ Borneo Exotics" by Siegried and Irmgard Hartmeyer. Hunting Veggies, Germany, 
    2005. DVD, EUR 17.00. ???
   Descr.: ca 1 hour. The company BORNEO EXOTICS (Sri Lanka) is well-known. Robert Cantley 
   himself guides through the Nepenthes lowland nurseries near Colombo and through the highland 
   nurseries near Nuwara Eliya. The large-scale propagation of plants using tissue culture is 
   also documented. This footage provides numerous optical titbits for all friends of tropical 
   Pitcher Plants but also very sad moments, when hundreds of wonderful Nepenthes must be destroyed 
   for licence reasons. 

"Reiseziel Insektivoren" (Destination Carnivores) by Siegried and Irmgard Hartmeyer. Hunting 
   Veggies, Germany, 2000. CD-ROM, EUR 10.00.
   Descr.: This interactive CD-ROM contains many videos and travelreports, 
   a CP-encyclopaedia, games and much more.  

"Secrets to Growing Beautiful Carnivorous Plants for Your Home and Garden". 
    Farin, Jacob and Dallas, Jeff, Sarracenia Northwest, Portland, Oregon, 2005. USD 19.95.
   Descr.: E-book on CD, more than 350 photographs, 31 care sheets of the most common carnivorous 
   plants grown in cultivation.
   Contents: Introduction; Basic Facts about Carnivorous Plants; The Big 3: Sunlight, 
   Water and Soil; Climate Control; The Inside Scoop on Growing Beautiful Carnivorous Plants;
   Month-by-Month Carnivorous Plant Care; Purchasing Carnivorous Plants;  Growing Techniques 
   for the Advanced Grower; How to Propagate Your Own Carnivorous Plants; Trouble Shooting; 
   Frequently Asked Questions; Become a Certified Carnivorous Plantologist!; Resources for 
   Carnivorous Plant Enthusiasts. 

"The 2nd Conference of the ICPS". Ivo Koudela & Nedfilm, Czech Republic, 1999. 
    Available from the author. VHS - PAL tape, USD 20 + USD 5 (airmail worldwide),
    PAL - NTSC tape, part I and II, USD 36 + USD 9 (airmail worldwide), no ISBN.
   Descr.: 200 minutes both PAL and NTSC. An amateur recording of the Second Conference
   of the ICPS in Bonn (1998) featuring major parts of 12 lectures + exhibition.
"The 3rd Conference of the ICPS". Siegfried Hartmeyer, A Hartmeyer Production, 
    Germany, 2000. Available from the author: Siegfried Hartmeyer, Wittlinger 
    Str. 5, 79576 Weil am Rhein, Germany. Systems VHS(PAL) EUR 25.00, NTSC EUR 30.00
    (all prices incl. airmail postage worldwide). Also as 2-DVD set entitled
    "The International Carnivorous Plant Conference: 2000 in San Francisco",
    , second edition, EUR 20.00.
   Descr.: 110 minutes. The recording in San Francisco was done in digital quality.
   Among others it features great Barry Rice or Ch'ien Lee's talks.
   Review CPN 30(3), 2001, p.91 by Stefan P. Wolf: "...this 110 minute recording
   I can recommend without reservation! It captures well the incredible charm of 
   the meeting..."
   DVD - 2 DVD set ??

"The 4th Conference of the ICPS". Siegfried Hartmeyer, A Hartmeyer Production, 
    Germany, 2002. Available from the author: Siegfried Hartmeyer, Wittlinger 
    Str. 5, 79576 Weil am Rhein, Germany. Systems VHS(PAL) EUR 25.00, NTSC available 
    in the future ??. Also as 2-DVD set entitled  "The International Carnivorous Plant 
    Conference: 2002 in Tokyo", second edition. EUR 20.00.
   Descr.: 170 minutes. The recording in Tokyo in digital quality. Excellent
   lessons read by prominent CP experts.
   DVD - 2-DVD set ???

"The Carnivorous Syndrome" by Mike Wilder. CD for PC (avi files) or Mac (mov files). USD 9.99.
   Descr.: seven time-laps films featuring:
   Dionaea muscipula - new leaf over 7 days
   Drosera capensis - flower crumpling over 24 hours
   Drosera capensis - leaf digesting food over 14 hours
   Drosera closterostigma - leaves opening over 2 days
   Drosera nitidula x pulchella - flower opening and crumpling over 7 hours
   Pinguicula angata x moranensis - flowers and leaves during 6 days
   Utricularia calycifida 'Asenath White' - flower opening over 3 days
   An excellent movies!
"The Carnivorous Syndrome in 3D" by Mike Wilder. NTSC DVD, Region 0, Audio: stereo, 5.1.
    Includes 3D glasses. ???
   Descr.: 22 min. This in-depth nature movie explores the outstanding lives of the 
   carnivorous plants, in mind-bending 3D. Travel to Australia, Japan, Venezuela, 
   Africa and Borneo while learning about the mysterious plants which live there.
   Featuring unprecedented 3D close-up time lapse shot by a robot made of Lego bricks. 
   Also featuring stunning animation and an incredible electronic soundtrack composed 
   by John Teagle.     

"Todesfallen" (Death trap). Spektrum d. Wissenschaft, Heidelberg (Spektrum
    - Videothek) 1988. ISBN 3893309772 and ISBN 3893309764.
   Descr. in German, 2 color video tapes, 27 min. each. German revision of the
   original tape. German text from Sebastian Vogel.

"Triffid Park D.V.D." by David Bond, ???, 2005. DVD.
 Descr.: 40 minutes. Features photos of carnivorous plants in the wild, photos of the 
 Victorian Carnivorous Plant Societies field trip to Western Australia in September 2003, 
 the V.C.P.S. show in December 2004, and photos taken at Triffid Park's Open Day in 
 October 2004.

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