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Q: What is the ICPS carnivorous plant Web Ring??

The ICPS carnivorous plant Web Ring is a linked group of web sites. Each member of the Ring has links at the bottom to two other web sites. Altogether, the web sites link into a big loop of sites (much like the structure of this FAQ). By following the links at the bottom, you can surf the best of the carnivorous plant web sites.

The Web Ring is provided by the ICPS free of charge. The ICPS is good enough to have constructed the Web Ring without annoying banner adds too, so you can learn about carnivorous plants without having an advertisement for antifungal foot powder imprint itself indelibly upon your brain cells.

I don't know if the ICPS is going to continue to maintain the Web Ring--I noticed that it is not mentioned on the new version of the ICPS web site--it is only on its old, "legacy" site.

If you have a web site for carnivorous plants, it might qualify for inclusion on the ICPS web ring! In order to qualify, your page or site must be more than just a list of links to other carnivorous plant web sites or promises of future content. It must contain some new "content." This content can be original text, images, or other material. In other words, web-ringers are asked to give their pages care and love to make them shine!

When you go to the Web Ring home to join, you can electronically submit your request. Your site will be reviewed by ICPS judges for appropriate content. If your site has good carnivorous plant content, it will probably be accepted. On the other hand, your site will not qualify for the web ring if it falls short. The most common is that you do not yet have enough carnivorous plant content on your page. (I know, because I was a Web Ring judge for quite a while.) If your site is not accepted to the Web Ring, do not despair. Work on your site more, build on it, make it larger, then resubmit it.

Incidentally, the use of images on your site without the permission of the original photographer is cause for instant removal from the Web Ring. If you need images for your site, you can use some from my domain ( but you must follow my online guidelines.

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Once you are added to the Web Ring, you can add the Web Ring link table to your page. The table looks something like the one on the right.

To find out more about the Web Ring go to the Web Ring Home. Polish that web site of yours, and join the ring.

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