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Q: Field trip report: western Montana in 2006

A: In late September 2006 Beth and I took a chilly vacation in Glacier, Montana. I had wanted to visit Glacier for years, but frankly I had been intimidated because of the presence of grizzly bears. Yes, I know that actuarial tables indicate that we were at far greater risk from heart attacks, car crashes, lightning strikes, or UFO encounters, but c'mon, we're talking grizzly bears! However, the tales of spectacular vistas and abundant wildlife ultimately overcame my fears.

Glacier is not particularly rich in carnivorous plants, but there certainly were some species worth looking for. And most interestingly, I learned that Drosera linearis was reported from a few nearby sites in Montana. This was a real surprise, since this species is normally considered to be restricted to the Great Lakes region!

Things looked very exciting!

See the field trip!

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