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Q: Field trip report: North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia mountains in 2007

A: In 2007, I visited several mountain bogs in the Appalachian Mountains. Many of these were sites I had previously seen and even wrote upon in previous trip reports. Returning gave me the opportunity to investigate in more depth things I had been unable to try on my previous trips. And also, I had made an important connection with a local naturalist who promised to show me some sites I had missed.

Also, he promised to know of good barbeque joints. How could I resist?

Some of these sites are privately owned, and I contacted the land managers well in advance of the trip, for permission to visit the sites. Sorry, but I will not reveal the sites; indeed, the land managers themselves do not wish to be identified. Unfortunately, this means that unless you work in conservation, you are unlikely to be able visit these sites yourself. Sorry, but blame the poachers who have created this dynamic.

See the field trip!

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