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Q: Field trip reports: Western Australia, 2007

A: In September 2007 Beth and I continued our Australian explorations by travelling to Western Australia. There, in a land blessed by fantastic carnivorous plant biodiversity, we visted about twenty different carnivorous plant sites!

Despite the number of carnivorous plant species in Western Australia, prospective visitors should be warned that the scale of the land is gargantuan, and even though a moderately intelligent set of visits would result in seeing about a dozen species of carnivorous plants, I think that a relatively unprepared visitor would likely be unsuccessful in encountering many more, and certainly blind explorations would not turn up as many plants as we saw in our limited time. Fortunately, we were under the expert guidance of local naturalists, and so were treated to a vast assortment of species.

This trip report page breaks slightly from the format of the other pages in that I use it as a single launch pad for all four of the Western Australian reports. Enjoy!

Field trip #1: Our first day out
Field trip #2: Seeking Cephalotus
Field trip #3: South Coast
Field trip #4: Harvey and Perth

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