The Carnivorous Plant FAQ v. 12

Parental Advisory!

I receive no money to write or maintain this FAQ---I do it because it amuses me, and I like to help people get information about these fascinating plants.

The FAQ is laced with comments and asides that I insert to keep it entertaining to me (if to no one else). Very occasionally an FAQ reference has a risque joke. The jokes are unlikely to offend you, unless your skin is exceptionally thin, or unless you perhaps read too much into the joke.

Back when I kept track of FAQ visitation statistics, I calculated that I might get a mild complaint about the FAQ's content about once every 30,000 readers. If you see something that you want to complain about, send me a comment and I'll take a look at the page you don't like. Valid criticisms will result in section revisions. But if you are just complaining about some fabulous joke that you think isn't funny, well....don't expect much from me.

If this is a major issue for you, check out the FAQ before your kids do. There's little to be concerned about---evening television has much more nasty stuff on it than this FAQ does!


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Revised: 2018
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