The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

New South Wales, Australia, in 2007

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Operatic first day:
After our first day in Umina (notice my use of italics...I cannot help it, the town's name sounds too Latin not to use the correct fontface!) we headed back to Sydney for a tour of the city. We had carefully worked out logistics the night before so that we intercepted our great friend Robert Gibson on the train.

Robert is a friend of many years. It had been a few years since Beth and I had seen him last, so there were full hearts all round in meeting again. Robert (er, Dr. Gibson, that is) had just finished a very tricky dissertation on Drosera peltata, so celebration was in the air for many reasons!

Here is a photo of me and Robert in all our geekness. You will notice that I am surgically attached to my binoculars and camera gear. Robert, meanwhile, has grown a beard to help him in an attempt to do his best possible Charles Darwin impersonation.

Behind us is some multi-arc-domed building that everyone else seemed to get excited about. Despite some searching, I was unable to find anything of particular botanical interest, so I was nonplussed.

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