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New South Wales, Australia, in 2007

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Closer view still:
Merely a closer view still, for those of you who like to see things close up.

By the way, an aside about Australian food. The stereotype that Australian food is meat-focused is quite accurate. (On my first trip to Australia, several years ago, members of the Australian Carnivorous Plant Society made a point of taking me to restaurant so I could sample kangaroo and emu.) Meanwhile, Beth does not eat meat, except for invertebrates and fish. This is sometimes a lifestyle that is difficult for her to maintain because the girl grew up mostly in Chicago, land of bratwurst and sausage, and she grieves dearly for her hotdogs. I thought it would be amusing to see how rapidly she degenerated back into a meat-eating lifestyle during this trip. Already, not 48 hours into this trip, she had eaten a hotdog! (I think it was along the philosophy of "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.")

Incidentally, the hamburger that I ate back at the Road Warrior Café was excellent. Did you know that in Australia, it is common for hamburgers to be served with a fried egg and a few beet slices in the bun? Sound strange, but it works.

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