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New South Wales, Australia, in 2007

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On the rocks:
We followed our narrow and windy road, which ran through moist woods in the Australian forest, until Robert selected a pulloff spot that he had been looking for. The uphill side of the road here was steeply sloping, and was essentially a cliff. It was covered with a wet, dripping, fern-rich community of plants. Unfortunately for us, some kind of vegetation-clearing machinery had passed through within the last few days, and had cut back all the brush. As a result the plants were pretty beaten up.

Ah, but one positive side to the damage was that small rosettes of Drosera spatulata were easily visible everywhere growing on the exposed wet rock face! So after a few whoops of delight by your demonstrative narrator, I set about taking photographs. Meanwhile, Beth and the others amused themselves by trying to determine the location of a very vocal eastern whip bird (Psophodes olivaceus).

The plants shown above, developing flowers, had somewhat longer glandular leaf blades than I am used to seeing. All the bits of detritus on the plants are probably due to the passage of the roadside machinery.

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