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Southern Spain in 2011

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Yellow flowers:
I gravitated towards a field of yellow flowers, which I figured were yellow-flowering rockroses (Cistaceae). I had seen these yellow flowers at both Maça (a site in Portugal), and in photographs I had seen of Drosophyllum habitat.

I practically walked right up to these plants before I understood the situation. Mind melting and jaw agape, my spinning and rebooting brain explained to me that the yellow flowers were not rockroses. They...were...indeed...the long sought Drosophyllum!

A huge frakking field of it!

In flower!

And beautiful!

My mood improved considerably.

Here is a view, slightly closer to the ground.

Look how close we were the entire time! You can see La Montera del Torero in the mid-background, perhaps 1 km away.

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