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Southern Spain in 2011

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If you have ever been out photographing with me and Beth, on a day we are both struggling with full sun, the arrival of a light-softening cloud is a glorious event. The first person to see it usually calls it out so the other person notices it.

When the cloud comes, for a few busy moments, you get as many images as you can--that is, if the wind cooperates. That happened here. Nice, huh?

After the cloud passed, I used my diffuser to soften the light a little to photograph this small plant. Too bad I do not have a plastic sheet a few hundred meters on a side that I could use!

As I learned on this trip, an advantage to shooting both still and video imagery, when the wind was blowing too hard, I could shoot video. So here is a montage of some windy Drosophyllum plants!

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