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Southern Spain in 2011

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The next morning started well, as Beth and I left Algeciras early. This was in contrast with the previous day, which started off terribly.

What happened the previous day was that, during the morning, I decided to get some sandwiches (or the equivalent) at a supermercado for the day's lunch. Hotel staff advised I go to a nearby "Hipercor." This was a disaster. First off, instead of a simple supermercado, Hipercor was a gigantor giga-store that took us about 15 minutes to figure how to enter. Once inside, we discovered it was a six or seven story mega-complex that sold everything and anything you could imagine. People were walking around carrying car parts, clothes, house-cleaning supplies, and Orion slavewomen.

Unable to even figure out where the grocery store was, after 45 minutes we left in humiliation and puny rage. We got some food at a gas station. At least it was better than eating at Gibraltar.

Today was different. We had our lunches in hand, and four sites to visit. Life was good.

We drove deep into the mountains of the Parque Natural, until we reached around 430m (1420 feet) elevation. I parked under an oak at our desired side-road. We took off on foot, and about 45 minutes later, easily found Pinguicula lusitanica on a wet bank where a stream passed along and under our road.

The above image shows what the plants look like in bright sun. This image shows how the plants can be hard to find in the grasses. You can walk right past them without noticing them, if your spidey sense is not turned on.

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