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Southern Spain in 2011

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Next, we drove towards the town of Ubrique. There were three closely-spaced sites along the road I wished to investigate. The first had been given to me by chum Andreas Fleischmann. The second is a famous, go-to location commonly called the "quarry site." The third was a site that I had found from an interesting paper by Garrido, et. al. 2003.

I had grave suspicions about the (third) Garrido site. The source paper--which first looks reputable--has a table with coordinates for thirty-two Drosophyllum sites. But for the most part the points do not make any sense. At least one of the sites is well in the Mediterranean Sea!

Andreas' site was easy to find. While a few plants grew on exposed sandstone soils, the majority grew on a hillside, competing with shrubby heath. My guess is that life was not as easy for them, as it might be without the competition, but they were still growing well, albeit as widely scattered plants.

This is the only photograph I took of mature plants at this site--the wind killed every other image I took.

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