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Southern Spain in 2011

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With this image, the last I took, I felt I had captured exactly what I had come to Algeciras to photograph.

Beth and I wrapped up our work, and packed up the car. We spent the last few hours of light driving around in the Parque Natural. I hoped to find other Drosophyllum sites but struck out.

However, we did see a spectacular bird called a European bee eater. It is one of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen in the wild.

Fun in the wild drawing to a close, we returned to Algeciras and I relinquished control of our holiday itinerary. For three days, we would be spending time in cities, once again, looking at churches, art galleries, and Christs.

Below, I have some very silly, signing-off video from Beth and me. The wind noise was so bad, I just had to add subtitles.

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