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Southern Spain in 2011

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The plants grew directly on the rock wall, usually separated from the ferns (probably Adiantum raddianum or perhaps A. capillus-veneris). They were restricted to places where water oozed out of the permeable rock, and was strongly anchored to the goo and muck.

I wondered at how the plants were so firmly attached--I did not see roots, even in the semi-transparent muck. We saw no plants detached at our feet, so however the plants adhered to the rock, they did it well. I suppose I could have scraped at the wall and popped a few plants off, but I could not bring myself to disturbing any of the plants.

Look, I took so many illustrations, I have just loosely grouped them by similar type and provided you links throughout the rest of this trip report. There is little point for me to narrate them all for you.

Wall view #2
Wall view #3
Wall view #4
Wall view #5

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