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Southern Spain in 2011

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Satellite rosettes:
I was enjoying the photography, because for the last few hours the sky had become increasingly cloudy. In fact, it had become quite heavily overcast, and other than increasing the length of the exposures, the imaging was wonderful.

Ah, but then I noticed a few droplets hitting the surface of the water. Then more, then more. Soon we were in a full-strength deluge. Lightning flashed overhead.

A number of hikers took shelter with us. The overhanging cliff walls shielded us from the rain. We watched in fascination as the canyon's character changed with the storm's wind and rain. Interestingly, even at the highest rate of rainfall, the Pinguicula were also shielded from the direct rain.

After a while, a few of the hikers decided they had waited long enough, and continued out of the overhang protection and into the deluge. An instant later, lightning flashed and thunder cracked, we heard a few terrified shrieks, and the hikers hustled back to protection.

Shortly after that, we listened to loud ker-THUNKS as small boulders hurtled into the stream from overhead. I kept an eye on the water level, but it never rose much.

In time, the rain lessened, and Beth crawled out from our plastic photo-sheet diffuser, which she had commandeered as impromptu rain gear.

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