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I have jumped onto the video bandwagon. To date, my contributions to the genre are admittedly primitive. But, if you wish to vicariously join me on carnivorous plant trips, look to my YouTube channel.

Monster Plants!
My new publication with Scholastic is not just a is a MONSTER PLANT book, that talks about cool stuff like carnivorous plants, parasitic plants, myco-parasites, stinky flowers, and other weird stuff.

To give you a flavor of what the book is like, I have a thumbnails of the front and back pages below. Click them for closer views. I have launched a blog associated with the site but I don't contribute much to it. My Facebook presence is much more active.

Technical publications
My new chapter (p491-518) on carnivorous plants in the book, "All Flesh is Grass: Plant-Animal Interrelationships" was just published. This technical volume, published by Springer, is part of their "Cellular Origin, Life in Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology" series, edited by J. Seckbach and Z. Dubinsky. I am pleased.

Many new additions, mostly wildflowers and some horticultural plants.
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January 2011