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Q: Field trip report: Okefenokee Swamp & south Georgia in 2003

A: Check this out. I have married every botanist's dream! My wife (a definite babe) is a sturdy naturalist at heart and she decided that a five day canoe trip through Okefenokee Swamp would be the perfect honeymoon experience for us! As a great coincidence, this was a honeymoon idea I was also secretly toying with. Ah, life is sweet! (OK, by my above usage of the words "every botanist", I suppose I mean every botanist who would want to marry a woman...the FAQ strives to be gender/alignment inclusive, of course. And if you do not know what I mean by alignment, don't worry. You will learn about it in a few years.)

We planned our Georgia honeymoon to be in late May because the Sarracenia pitchers would be in top form, the weather would be nice, bird migration (including colorful warblers in full plumage) would be strong, and the biting insects (yellowflies, mosquitoes, no-see-ums) would not be so bad. As it all turned out, our planning was excellent. Follow the link below to see a web-photo-slide-show that highlights some of the carnivorous plants we encountered while in Okefenokee, and also during another trip we took to a pitcher plant bog near Doerun, Georgia. Carnivorous plants were plentiful!

See the field trip!

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