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Q: Field trip report: California (Sierra Nevada) in 2003

A: It is funny how you take things for granted just because they are in your back yard. I had already created a few FAQ "field trip reports" before I ever thought of doing one for some of the interesting sites for California. Whoops!

In July 2003, the marvelous Beth and I travelled to one of our favorite sites in northern California: Lassen National Park. We spent a few days in National Forest land, near Lake Almanor, just to the south of the Park. This was the carnivorous plant rich part of the trip. After that, we spent a few days in the north side of the Park, but since this part of the trip did not include carnivorous plants, I will not describe it here.

A few minor disclaimers: in preparing this field trip report, I pilfered my files for a few photographs that I took on previous trips. No intention to mislead; I'm just interested in presenting the site with my best images. Also, I describe this trip as being to the Sierra Nevada, but I'm not completely sure of this classification. (I suspect that the mountains in Lassen might be more allied with the Cascade Range, I'm sure some geologists will e-mail me with more information on this!)

See the field trip!

Page citations: Greuter, W., et al. 2000; Taylor, P. 1989; Thor, G. 1988; personal observations.

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