The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

New South Wales, Australia, in 2007

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Adult bug:
Moving to other parts of the cliff, I saw this unfurling Drosera binata leaf tip with its own little resident Setocoris. Unlike the others, this one has wings and so is more mature. I do not know if the different coloration is an indication of maturity, or if it is a different species.

You can see its spear-like mouthparts--very nice!

Remember I mentioned earlier we were working on the edge of a narrow, winding road? Every now and then we would hear a car approaching and we would call out a warning to each other. At one point we heard the buzzing roar of an unmuffled engine bearing down on us, which turned out to be a motorcycle piloted by a woman in an interesting tight leather suit. We all gave her plenty of room, but unfortunately the view of Robert, John, Beth, and Kirk birding on one side of the road, and especially me photographing plants on the other side of the road, was just too interesting, and the motorcyclist gave us a good long look as she zipped by. Alas, the look was so long that she did not keep up with turns in the the winding road. Crash! Right into the rock wall! Amazingly, she apparently took only a glancing blow, and after picking herself and retrieving her bike from the ditch she went on her way, trying to look casual and cool. But I'm guessing that she was sore the next day.

Were her injuries really worth the long look she got of me? Probably.

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