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Q: Where do I get Venus flytraps?

A: There are three ways you can get Venus flytraps. One is a good way, the other two are not good ways.

  1. Through a reputable nursery or carnivorous plant society. (Good idea!)
    I have some e-mail and web addresses of good carnivorous plant nurseries right here. eBay usually does not fit into this category.
  2. Through your local nursery. (Bad idea!)
    Many times they will have carnivorous plants for sale as promotional or novelty items. You should not buy them, because the plants are usually stressed and are about to die. They have probably been in that store for weeks or even months, slowly but certainly circling towards death. Furthermore, you cannot be sure if the Venus flytraps on sale in stores were illegally collected from the wild, although I hope that your plant was actually grown from tissue culture, seed, or leaf pullings in a greenhouse. Stick to the nurseries I recommended above.
  3. You can go to where they live and pick them! (Twit idea.) They grow right out of the ground! But if you want to do this, read this FAQ entry first.

Page citations: Rice, B.A. 2006a.

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Revised: January 2007
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