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Q: Where can I buy carnivorous plants?

A: There are many different firms that sell carnivorous plants. But remember, it is essential you to deal with firms that are reputable and do not sell illegally poached plants. Furthermore, if you buy plants internationally, you should be aware of import permits that you may need, either to fulfill CITES requirements or to overcome phytosanitary hurdles.

I list internet contact information for online carnivorous plant nurseries with a good conservation ethic. Unfortunately, I also maintain FAQ information on a nursery with a notoriously bad reputation. Shop wisely and carefully.

There are many sellers on eBay. You can shop with them, but show great caution. I have seen first hand that some of the plants offered there have been field collected, and have also seen some private individuals and small companies (none of which are listed in my nursery list) ship plants without necessary CITES and phytosanitary permits. Beware!

Ladies in Waiting
'Ladies in Waiting'

The most cost-effective way to buy carnivorous plants is the first join a carnivorous plant society. Once you are a member, you can get great amounts of seed for a mere pittance. An annual membership in the ICPS costs $25, and that gets you access to the seed bank where you can buy packets of about 100 seeds for $1 each! Try to do that on eBay!

If you are in the USA and try to buy Sarracenia jonesii (a.k.a. Sarracenia rubra subsp. jonesii), Sarracenia alabamensis subsp. alabamensis (a.k.a. Sarracenia rubra subsp. alabamensis), or Sarracenia oreophila, unless you and the seller are in the same state, you are both breaking the US Endangered Species Act (unless the seller has federally issued permits). If you get busted, not only will I not back you in court, I will be willing to testify against you.

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Revised: January 2007
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