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Q: Philcoxia species

A: Philcoxia currently includes three species.

Philcoxia bahiensis V.C.Souza & Harley
Currently the only perennial plant in the genus known. Long (10-17 mm) petioles and large orbicular leaf blades (2.5-3 mm) characterize the plant. The inflorescence is about 14-25 cm tall. I am guessing this might be the easiest to grow.

Philcoxia goiasensis P.Taylor
An annual with short (4 mm) petioles and reniform leaves about 2 mm on a side. Also characterized by short bracts, sepals, and more deeply bilobed corolla lobes. The inflorescence is about 10-15 cm tall.

Philcoxia minensis V.C.Souza & Giulietti
An annual with long (14-24 mm) petioles and orbicular leaves about 1.5 mm on a side. The inflorescence is about 17-21 cm tall.

Page citations: Taylor, P., et al. 2000.

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