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Homophyllous Mexican and Central American Pinguicula
Subgen. Isoloba sect. Isoloba
P. lilacina: many MX states; BZ, GT
(P. sharpii: CHI)
P. takakii: SLP
Subgen. Temnoceras sect. Temnoceras
P. clivorum: CHI; GT
P. crenatiloba: OAX; GT, HO, ES, PA
P. emarginata: VER, PUE
ES=El Salvador
OAX=Oaxaca, MX
SLP=San Luis Potosí, MX
CHI=Chiapas, MX
PUE=Puebla, MX
VER=Veracruz, MX

Q: Homophyllous species of Mexico and Central America

A: The species from this region produce leaves that are more or less the same in structure and size, regardless of the season. They are called "homophyllous" species (i.e. "same leaves").

Changes from 2016
Subgenus Isoloba section Isoloba is reduced, as P. sharpii is merged with P. lilacina.

Subgenus Temnoceras section Temnoceras is unchanged.

Pinguicula emarginata
Differing from the rounded margins of most Pinguicula flowers, this species has irregularly ragged flower petals.

Pinguicula takakii
This species is retained with a complete description of the plant, although Roccia et al. (2016) forgot to include this species in their table of species counts, on page 65 of their work.

Page citations: Casper, J. 1966; Cieslak, T. et al., 2005; Lampard, S. et al. 2016; Rice, B. 2006a; Roccia, A. et al. 2016; Schlauer, J. 2002; Shimai, H. & Kondo, K. 2007.

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Revised: 2018
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