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Utricularia section Kamienskia
Species Range Habit1
U. mangshanensis China L?
U. peranomala China L?

Q: About Utricularia section Kamienskia

A: After the comfort of section Foliosa, with this section we revisit the lands of oddities. This section consists of two species similar to plants in Oligocista and Phyllaria.

Utricularia mangshanensis--Similar to U. peranomala, but with more pinnately divided leaves, bracts and bracteoles that are not connate, and a white flower with a yellow dot. Unfortunately, this plant's seeds are not known, which is a pity since the seeds of U. peranomala are very odd.

Utricularia peranomala--Known only from the type collection; possibly a lithophytic species. Taylor describes this yellow-flowered species as being bryophilous, from which I infer that the only specimen is probably clogged with moss! Interestingly, this bears strangely banana-shaped seeds.

Page citations: Hu, G-W. et al. 2007; Rice, B.A. 2006a; Taylor, P. 1989; personal observations.

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