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Utricularia section Martinia
Species Range Habit1
U. tenuissima South America T/SAA?
1T=terrestrial; SAA=subaffixed aquatic.

Q: About Utricularia section Martinia

A: This is a section with affinities to section Aranella, but with differing characters. For example, the internal trap glands are unique in the genus, with short little stubby arms that look like the lobes of a puzzle piece from an interlocking jigsaw puzzle. Quite peculiar.

Utricularia tenuissima--A small species collected only a few dozen times or less. Taylor lists it as a terrestrial, but it has some similarities to species like Utricularia juncea (such as the numerous bladders on the leaves) that make me suspect it may grow as a subaffixed aquatic, too.

Page citations: Rice, B.A. 2006a; Taylor, P. 1989; personal observations.

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