Barry Rice

- doing science on a terrestrial planet -

What am I up to?

Social Media
Don't look for me on Twitter, but I am reasonably active on my Facebook page. Pop by and say hello!

Every now and then I post of video of my botanical explorations on my YouTube channel. Look for fun stuff there!

Looking to buy?
As many biologists and naturalists do, I have a large garden with many plants. A very, very large garden. I tend to have lots of extra plants coming out my ears, so I've opened an eBay shop to sell them. I also sell plants for the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory, to help support their undergraduate internship program.

However, those who expect to see a e-shop loaded with carnivorous plants will be disappointed--I mostly sell plants that grow well for me, that is cacti, landscaping xerophytes, and the occasional oddity from the Conservatory. But oh, yes, I do peddle the occasional Sarracenia!

My current research is mainly focusing on field work to locate and document rare plant populations for documentation at various herbaria. However, I still publish when appropriate--some are popular interest articles, while others are decidedly more technical.

I maintain an active business in capturing plant photographs. You can see them on this web site, or at my Calphotos presence.

FYI: This web site collects no information from you. No cookies. Nada.


May 2018