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Utricularia section Meionula
Species Range Habit1
U. geoffrayi Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam T
U. hirta India to Southeast Asia T
U. minutissima India to Japan, Australia T
U. ramosissima Thailand T

Q: About Utricularia section Meionula

A: This section has had an interesting and difficult history. At one point its members were considered worthy of being treated as separate genera (Meionula Raf. and Trixapias Raf.). In his 1989 monograph, Taylor discussed the section's apparent (but admittedly weak) affinities to section Australes, an interesting set of observations since that section has been placed in an entirely separate subgenus. In the future I may be convinced to move Meionula to join Australes, as some have suggested via email for me to do.

Utricularia hirta--A species with hairs covering its entire inflorescence. While interesting, the real reason I mention this species is the candid note Taylor mentions in his monograph. He sadly concluded that a species named after him, U. tayloriana, was really just a synonym for this species. Bummer!

Utricularia ramosissima--A small species that has an astonishingly branched inflorescence that bears up to 100 flowers! However, it is quite likely that time will conclude that this is insufficient for species status.

Page citations: Rice, B.A. 2006a; Jobson et al. 2003; Taylor, P. 1989; Wakabayashi, H. 2010a; personal observations.

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