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Utricularia section Steyermarkia
Species Range Habit1
U. aureomaculata Venezuela L
U. cochleata Brazil L/E
U. steyermarkii Venezuela L
1L=lithophyte, E=epiphyte.

Q: About Utricularia section Steyermarkia

A: Uh oh, another section of lithophytes. If you have been paying close attention, you should have noticed that the lithophytic and rheophytic species are usually insanely bizarre. This section, though, is relatively conventional. It is similar to section Setiscapella (the Utricularia subulata section that we talked about recently) but its species have a different structure to their seeds.

Utricularia aureomaculata--This species is known only from a few collections from Ptari tepui, Amaruay tepui, and Aparaman tepui. Alas, botanists visiting these sites are always so dazzled by the Heliamphora they do not stop to study the exquisite Utricularia. It looks rather like the oh-so-common U. subulata, which probably counts as another strike against it.

Utricularia cochleata--A species from the cerrado of central Brazil, differing from closely related species by a variety of minor features.

Utricularia steyermarkii--Again, known only from a few collections, this time near Rio Churún and Acopán tepui. Easily mistaken for U. subulata by uncaring Heliamphora botanists.

Page citations: Bove, C.P. 2008; Rice, B.A. 2006a; Taylor, P. 1989; personal observations.

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