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Notes to Reporters and Authors

I am happy to work with reporters or book authors to fact-check their copy or discuss carnivorous plants (see my credentials). It is a pleasure for me to make sure your story is accurate, and of course I provide this service free of charge.

My photography and writings have appeared in galleries such as the Getty Museum, the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, and the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney; as well as in numerous publications including Another Magazine, Biologist, The Baltimore Sun, Discover Magazine, Muse, The NY Times, The Sacramento Bee, The Star Ledger, The Tampa Tribune, Pacific Horticulture, Backyard Bugwatching, Carnivorous Plants of Australia (Vol. III), Pitcher Plants of the Americas, and many others.

I have also written a sumptuously illustrated book, "Growing Carnivorous Plants" (Timber Press), and a young-minds book "Monster Plants" (Scholastic).

If your article needs top quality photographs of carnivorous plants in the wild and in cultivation I can help. I typically sell one-time, nonexclusive rights to my images, and my rates are competitive. In order to meet your deadlines, I can provide them as high-resolution tifs for you to download off the web. Of course, the images I provide do not have the annoying "" text on it.

My images can be previewed in low resolution form at Galleria Carnivora. If you are looking for a specific species, go to the helpdesk. Popular photos include: the famous Venus flytraps (Dionaea) which capture prey in cage-like traps are shown on six pages from here all the way to here; the pitfall pitcher plants Sarracenia shown from here and continuing on through here; Nepenthes (from here and on to here); and finally sundews (Drosera) which can be seen slowly coiling their leaves around their prey in a number of parts of the FAQ, such as sequences featuring species from North America, South America, Africa, and the vast number of species from Australia). For images of bugs being captured, surely not for the squeamish, try the two "death rooms!" (#1, #2)

I can be contacted via e-mail (barry(at)


Barry Rice


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