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Q: The big Pinguicula checklist

A: If you just want to see lists of the species, without repeated entries, here is a list for the genus. If there are entries that you think I missed, it might be because I do not believe the names have merit.

Molecular studies, among other things, are starting to suggest that the various sections in the genus are paraphyletic, so they might not really have much value.

1Sometimes lumped with P. crystallina, or relegated to P. crystallina subsp. hirtiflora (Ten.) Strid.
2Similar to (and conspecific with?) P. heterophylla.
3Similar to (and conspecific with?) P. laueana.
4Similar to (and conspecific with?) P. moranensis.
5Similar to (and conspecific with?) P. orchidioides.
6There is not agreement on whether to treat these infraspecific taxa as shown, or as separate species.
7This has been split into various subspecies, including P. macroceras subsp. nortensis J.Steiger & H.Rondeau, which I do not feel have merit.

The preceding list is no doubt incomplete as new species are described, so watch for new species!

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