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Western Australia in 2007

The Trip:
This is the last of five reports from a September 2007 trip my wife (Beth) and I took to Australia. This report picks up the morning after the previous one ended, and describes our last day with Phill Mann and also a day spent on the outskirts of Perth with Allen Lowrie.

Our last day in Harvey started with a cloudy morning, so I took advantage of the soft light by photographing some of the nice plants in Phill's greenhouse and outdoor collections. His specimens of flowering Drosera schizandra (such as this one) were particularly lovely!

It took me a few hours to finish my photography, by which time Phill and Beth were supping on coffee and toast. We gathered up our things and drove off to the first of two sites for the day. Only a short amount of time was to be spent in the field, because we had annoying housekeeping tasks such as laundry to get done. (Although it seemed to me that Phill was looking forward to Beth and I getting our clothes washed, perhaps due to the smell...) Also, we had to return north to Perth.

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